Nexway Avast anti virus renewal automatic renewal

Good Afternoon,
I have a concern I would like to share.
On checking my statement , I discovered an amount of $89.99 on August 6th was taken out by nexway for a Anti -Virus product.
I sent them an email yesterday re my concern as I did not give them permission to withdraw this amount from my account.
They promptly replied" This charge corresponds to an automatic renewal of an anti - virus product.The initial order was placed in 2014 and the auto - renewal option enabled"
I don`t even remember seeing this option and one would have thought a courtesy email would have been nice to make me aware that this product was up for renewal.
I have replied to their email so will keep you posted.


Let us know how you go @netty0

Avast usually has a very visible tab which advisers how many days of protection you have before your licence needs renewing . I used their VPN service and they would always advise me a week before they took from my PayPal account . I had set up an auto deduction with Avast . Interested .Keep us posted

Avast sent me a copy of my ordinal order and highlighted I had opted to" the avast -auto-renewal service back on the 14/08/2014.They will not cancel the order as they only cancel orders within a 30 -day money back period and my order was placed/renewed more than 30 days ago!
On October 5th I received an email from Avast “You recently registered an Avast Account”! The only reason I contacted Avast was to have my money refunded.
I am still very concerned that whilst I had selected the auto -renewal service which they have since canceled I was not notified that this product was up for renewal and have not had any updates from Avast for the past 12 months or more. Where to go from now I`m not sure as Avast will not refund my money so have paid $89.99 for a product I am not even using.Any suggestions?.

Avast have recently bought out AVG. When my AVG renewal became due I had the usual nag-ware, but that was because I purchased a 2 year subscription over the phone last time. However, using the link in the nag-ware took me through to a bundle that I did not wish to purchase that was nearly double the cost of my original 2 year subscription, and I started researching prices online. Eventually I phoned AVG/Avast and questioned it, and not only got the program I really wanted, but a 20% discount as well. FWIW, the help centre is now run out of the US and is no longer in Australia.