Newport County Keeper Breaks World Record With 96-Metre Goal Against Cheltenham Town

An article regarding Newport County keeper breaks world record with 96-metre goal against Cheltenham Town.

The article reminded me of when our son was playing soccer in the Under 15 or 16 Competition in FNQ and their team was unstoppable that year.

After they beat the Innisfail region 10 - 0, and even their goalie had several runs to try to kick his own goals as he had nothing else to do that Saturday afternoon, the FNQ Soccer Association determined that our son’s team would be relageted to the Colts level, in which they still did well.


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relegated or promoted?

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Perhaps I should have said “promoted”, but at this Junior regional level in FNQ, it seemed the same as this sort of “uneven playing field” was not assiting their improvement and it was demoralising the other teams.

The other parents and I watched the game in utter disbelief.

It was the last time I drove our son and three of his team mates from Cairns to Silkwood in our 1970 XW GT Falcon as the Colt division only played in the Cairns area.

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