New car warranty

I’m new to Choice Community so forgive me if I’m looking in the wrong area.
There’s not much information I can find regarding poor service from new car dealerships.
I thought that this topic would dominate.

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Hi @mch, welcome and thanks for getting involved. You’re in the right place, so hopefully a few others can share their experiences (good or bad) with car dealerships. This thread may interest you: Car dealership service department fail

You can also read more from CHOICE on this topic here:

Thanks Brendan.
I would love to know the outcome of the VW sunroof issue.
The attitude reported on the post is a typical response from a dealer to a dissatisfied customer.
All apologies and no real help and ultimately blame you.
I’m going through it at the moment, different company.
The ACCC put a notice in the newspaper asking interested parties to contact them if they have issues with new cars.
Hopefully they can act for us.

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As well as Choice of course.

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HI ! As the problem was reported in the warranty period new work is covered even when the warranty expires, as it was reported in the warranty period . For a repeat problem it always a good idea to discuss with the Manufacturer to fully understand the issue and the fixes . There are also levels of agreement between the Manufacturer and the dealer with warranty costs and often the customer can get caught in the middle .