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I used Neverfail for many years with no issue. Something happened when they took over two years to update their backend systems and the resulting customer experience is, to say the least, shonky. Within their system, there is the ability to pause your service, change the number of bottles etc etc. However, this functionality does not work. I attempted to pause my service, but it continued, to the point where I had 12 water bottles. I don’t have a large house. After numerous attempts to pause the service, I called them to cancel my subscription in July 2021. You can’t cancel your service through the LiveChat function on the website, you need to call. And they are seriously understaffed, COVID bla bla. I thought I cancelled the service, the water ran out, I signed up with a nice local WA company. I had told them I wasn’t paying the last bill they sent me and they could collect the water before they cancelled my account. They never collected the water and they sent the bill to debt collectors as that is their procedure. The reminders kept coming and the end I paid it to make them go away.
Fast forward to 1.2.2022 and four more bottles of water turn up on my door step. I thought I’d cancelled. I made four attempts to get hold of them but the live chat doesn’t work outside Eastern Standard times and they don’t answer the phone. I eventually got through. My account is still very active. The guy who’d said he was cancelling my account had not, as I was meant to call to confirm. Again. I asked the person on the phone to collect the water, cancel my account and remove the invoice. Alas, their systems don’t allow that. What the hell am I meant to do now? It’s bordering on fraudulent!


Welcome to the Community @BadGeoBec

That is a nasty experience and it appears you went beyond what most would do trying to handle it.

You seem not alone although most of the complaints seem to be non-delivery rather than inability to cancel.

but more like your own problem here

I suggest you read about your rights under Australian Consumer Law and explicitly these sections

and you might hang your hat on any more deliveries being unsolicited and not ordered as you have cancelled or tried your best to do so, and after going formal will have hard evidence of same.

Write a formal Letter of Complaint citing chapter and verse of their claims as a company and how your experience differs and exactly what you want and by when, in writing and send it to Neverfail management. Be sure to get it receipted as evidence they received it. An email acknowledgement is sufficient. Keep each exchange in writing/email/chat logs as you will be building evidence.

You can find many links to the ACL and Letter of Complaint tools on the Community, on Choice, and on the ACCC web site, as well as advice on the contents. Be sure to keep everything formal and in writing, even if you need to send tracked real mail. CC the ACCC and your state fair trading office.

Until you go formal you are engaging in idle chit chat since it seems Neverfail is a fail.

Others might have additional suggestions. Good luck getting it sorted and please keep your topic updated as you have success or encounter more barriers.


Thanks for those great suggestions. I would LOVE to write a formal letter of complaint, but there is no email address for Neverfail published anywhere and I cannot see where to deliver this. I had an email from six months ago so tried that, but it’s unanswered. They have an email address for remittance advices but they say that it is not monitored - how that works I have no idea, but basically they say that anything other than a remittance is not regarded. If anyone has an email address for any executive at Neverfail I’m all ears.


Their corporate address is shown as

Level 13, 40 Mount Street, North Sydney, NSW, 2060

Some companies decline to accept registered mail, but a tracked item will be shown as delivered (or not).

You can address it to Mr Tony Brooke, Operations Manager. If you are LinkedIn you c an find him and send him a LinkedIn message. You can also find other management staff located at that address.

You can try and set email options for return receipt and delivery receipt with ATTN: [name] LETTER OF COMPLAINT in the subject to try getting attention.

Neverfail is a wholly owned subsidiary of Coca Cola at the same street address. Mr Peter West looks like the current MD of Coca Cola Euro Pacific; you could also cc or direct your letter to his office.

In NSW this should be interesting including the NSW office location.

If in Victoria this page would be similarly useful

If in another state search the site.

I hope this is helpful.