Netregistry and the criminal mind

In 2009, I opened an account for web and email hosting with Jumba, a small Canberra-based firm with a good reputation for customer service. In 2011, Jumba was taken over by UberGlobal. They had a far poorer reputation but the service was still OK, so I stayed.

In February of this year, Uber informed me that they were “moving to Netregistry”. I think that’s marketing-speak for a takeover.

In March, I received another email. Among other things, it said:
“When your existing cPanel service is migrated to our state-of-the-art infrastructure, it will have an ongoing monthly fee of $9.95”
I responded with:
“My current Uber account costs me $49 per annum. By my calculation, the new charge is about 144% more; almost 2.5 times as much. You’re telling me to find another provider, is that right?”
In part, their reply was:
“As part of the consolidation we are reducing the amount of packages offered so we can better support our customers, as the $9.95 plan is the closest fit to what you are currently on under UberGlobal it is the plan you are being moving to.

If you do not wish to continue your service you may cancel it prior to migration …”
My reply:
“My current subscription runs to 11 January 2018. Are you dishonouring that contract?”
Their response:
“The comms for this were poorly worded, that is what the price will be if paid monthly beginning with your next renewal (11 January 2018).”

An email dated 23 May, I found somewhat amusing:
"We’re contacting you again as your migration to state-of-the-art infrastructure, and our new account management portal, The Console, is scheduled for Invalid date.

What this change means for you

  • No action is required by you today
  • However ACTION MAY BE REQUIRED on Invalid date (see below)"

The message made little sense, so I ignored it. They followed up with a message that at least had the dates. Migration was scheduled for 30 May.

On that date, another email arrived:
"We recently informed you of your upcoming service migration to NETREGISTRY. This migration was due to be completed on Tuesday, 30th May 2017. Unfortunately we were unable to complete your migration due to unexpected technical issues.

At this stage no changes have been made to your account. We will reschedule your move and will notify you by email of your successful migration shortly."
The next day:
“Welcome to Netregistry!

We’re happy to announce that your UberBusiness domain(s) have been moved to Netregistry.”
So far, so good, I guess.

Today (13 June):
“Please find attached the current paid invoice for your Netregistry services.”
The attached invoice shows a charge of $119.40. A check of my bank account showed that it was debited yesterday (the 12th).

I’ve sent the following to my bank, via their secure messaging facility:
“The following transaction on account ####### is not authorised:
12 Jun 2017
Please cancel it and credit the amount of $119.40 to my account. NetRegistry is not authorised to debit any of my accounts. Please block any further debits from NetRegistry.”
and to Netregistry:
"On 5/05/2017 11:01 AM, wrote:
“… paid monthly beginning with your next renewal (11 January 2018).”

As it is not yet 11 January 2018, no payment is due. Please cancel the debit. Any authorisation you think Netregistry may have to debit any account of mine, whether explicit or implicit, is hereby explicitly revoked.

My account is fully paid to 11 January 2018. If there is any interruption to or degradation of service before that date, then I will expect compensation."

I’d already decided to find a new hosting provider. Any chance Netregistry had of retaining this customer is now irretrievably gone.

I’ve often thought that business attracts criminal minds. Netregistry has done nothing to dispel that notion. Their poor reputation is richly deserved.


Sound like a frustrating experience @Drop_Bear, especially since you are paid in advance. Thanks for sharing this experience, I’m sure other Community members will find it useful.

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I was a customer of ‘Hostess’ for a couple of domain names (only, thankfully) - they were ‘re-embraced’ by netregistry not too long ago (previously they were the bargain basement service) and communication on the matter is muppetesque at best, farcical at worst. I don’t know who writes their communiques, but they are no brighter than the people who check them … luckily they haven’t molested my wallet any more than expected, yet, but nothing would surprise me given experience so far … They’ve been part of the Melbourne-IT family now for a couple of years, which pretty much says it all … I’ll be looking elsewhere on next renewal, but for .au namespace you are at some point going to be boned by Melbourne-IT from what I can tell :slight_smile:

Response from Netregistry 13/06/2017 7:21 PM:
"Thank you for contacting Netregistry!

This email is in response to your enquiry about the Invoice no. ########. We would like to inform you that the payment is already reflecting in our database. We do appreciate you doing business with Netregistry!

If you have questions, feel free to reply to this email so we can assist you further."

I’ve spoken to my bank by 'phone to progress a chargeback.


That is priceless! It seems you have done all the right things, but for the general readership this might be a useful link, as well as this.

A quick read of our “protections” reinforces they are pretty light weight. I am especially impressed with

You are likely to get your money back if:
→ a merchant incorrectly debited your account more than once

Good luck getting it sorted!


I’ve just renewed things for my own website. There seems to be takeover after takeover in the “industry”. At first everything seemed to point to Uber, then it seemed to become a subset of netregistry.

I suppose it’ll only stop when one company owns the lot and the prices reflect it.

Hosting services do appear to be in danger of becoming a monopoly in Australia. Sadly, Netregistry looks as though it’s expanded beyond its level of competence. This Whirlpool thread gives some insights.

Given that my issue relates to the takeover of Uber Global by Netregistry, this Whirlpool thread shows that I’m not alone. They have a habit of debiting accounts without justification, if not illegally. I feel a class-action coming on. :angry:

Stay far away from Netregistry or any of it’s associated/taken over companies. They’re terrible to deal with (as you found out) and charge for simple things like changing DNS records.

VentraIP are a good alternative.

My bank processed the chargeback on the second of August. This morning (the 17th), I found my account suspended.

I immediately hopped on my high-horse and emailed Netregistry:
My account is now showing as suspended. As I’ve pointed out (see below*), it’s fully-paid to 11 January next year. Reinstate service immediately. I expect a refund for the entire period that the site was off-line.

  • I included my email of 13 June

I don’t hold out much hope, but a little high dudgeon doesn’t hurt. :wink:


The farce continues. In hindsight, I should have jumped ship as soon as Netregistry put in an appearance. I’ve run up a quick Web post that I hope sets out everything reasonably clearly.

I reckon Netregistry is a prime candidate for a Shonky.

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I was with an Australian web hosting service some years ago, MM I think or similar, they merged into net registry i had always paid my monthly account by Bpay in advance no problems at all, one day i got a message saying they were going to transfer MM servers to their new modern servers… a few days later i found i could not access my CPanel and after ringing them they said, there was a problem and should be ok within a few days, still no access, phone calls unanswered, online tech support no answers, finally my website couldn’t even bring up on the net, finally got a phone call to them 5 weeks later and was told the MM servers were not compatible with the new server and all data was lost, over 15000 items on my online shop, over 4,000 hours of work over 4 years gone, and all they would offer me was a higher rate with less capacity. i opted out and canceled my Subscription and I received one payment refund. I now have an ebay account which is working well for me with all their new formats.

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05 September: Netregistry’s left hand seems not to know what the right is doing. The confusion leads to abused customers letting things slide, so it’s profitable. My inner Machiavelli doesn’t believe their ineptitude is anything but tactical.
I have reviewed the records of your account with Uber and I have confirmed that you have paid for the service subscription attached to the domain name that is valid until 11/01/2018. I have voided the invoice (#10143363) so you no longer have to pay for it and I have also corrected the next invoice date on your domain name. This has been a migration error when your account was transferred from Uber to Netregistry, and we apologise for the inconvenience.

Netregistry still have my payment to the 11th of January. As they broke our contract, they’re not entitled to keep it. My sites and associated email addresses were off-line for about a week. I had to organise (and pay for) alternative hosting. I reckon I’m due a refund and compensation.


Ive been using DDNS for about 7yrs for domain name and hosting. They have been great when ive had issues, or needed advice. Both have been rare.

Heard negative reports re Melb IT, and recently purchased domain name through them. Never again. Soon as able i trf it to DDNS

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Netregistry is still at it. I got another 'phone call only a couple of days ago. A rainy day has given me time to update the web page. I wonder how often the Gish-Gallop style of harassment succeeds in confusing a victim so much that they pay?


I’d hoped that I’d seen the end of this, but they’re back!

I’ve now lodged complaints with the ACCC and Fair Trading. Got my dates a bit wrong (they’re a year out in the refund calculation); this has been going on for the better part of two years! How many people has Netregistry bullied into paying fraudulent bills?