Negative interest rates

Certainly an issue to keep an eye on. Our central banks seem to be getting desperate. That’s a bit alarming.

What does a negative interest rate do to the value of money? What impacts might it have on savings?

Before you decide to stash your cash under the mattress:

For all you millionaires:


This turned up on another thread, but is relevant here:


My advice to all is send me all your money now before the big bad banks start depleting it with fees + interest, and I’ll look after it for a rate of just 0.5% per annum with NO FEES! :rofl:


A Clear explanation from Donald Amstad - why we are on the economic brink

It goes for about 18 minutes, but it is a clear erudite discertation on why the West (he primarily talks about the US and the UK, but it will affect us as well) could be in very deep economic trouble…


The notion of pension funds holding cash in bank vaults sounds remarkably like the idea of people keeping their money under the (proverbial) mattress. China’s economy (for example) is strong, in part because they have a strong asset base. A large part of that base is state-owned enterprises. Sort of answers the question:

It does seem that we’ve been steadily white-anted.


The EU Central Bank has cut the official interest rate to a new negative level of -0.5%. There is some talk that this will cause the US Fed Reserve to also consider cuts. This will increase pressure on the RBA to also cut rates more quickly and perhaps down to 0%.