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Needleberries - Berry Obsession and Berry Licious strawberries contaminated with sewing needles


Investigations are underway after needles were found in strawberries in Queensland. Consumers are advised to cut up strawberries before consuming them.

Find out which products, where they were sold and what you should do to avoid risk:


Looks like there is also a copycat out there:

They are recommending that strawberries be cut in half (or priced) before consuming.


:open_mouth: Bloody hell! A bad week for strawberry fans


Agree, we have been eating them by the 1/2kg to kilo every week for the past few months…since there is a glut and prices have been very reasonable. My thought is if you increase demand, it may increase prices which will flow back to the farmers.

Fortunately we tend to cut the strawberries into small bite sized pieces…and often have them with natural Greek yoghurt, other fruit or homemade custard.


Contamination spreads to WA: