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Need new eyeglasses. Where do I go?

I am sadly, needing new multifocal glasses.
So I am here asking for advice.

I have varied experiences with optical dispenses and I am seriously considering where I go for new glasses.

I used to go to OPSM, but very expensive (especially when mentioning health funds). My last glasses from there were un wearable, as they got the prescription wrong. Despite my talking to them, they wouldn’t change them.
SpecSavers - kept trying to sell me contact lenses etc. and I didn’t realize the lenses were quite cheap quality.

Went to an independent optician, and even though the service was good, they had limited stock and have since closed up.

Searching the web for advice (and Choice) still has me questioning where to go. cheers

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If you would add your location it would be helpful for recommendations. The chains can be hit and miss as with any random group of independents, so other than recommendations for a specific shop or comments on a chain’s business practices (I share your observations about OPSM pricing and disinterest in making right) the rest may be noise.

I go to a well recommended 1-location-local now having previously been happy with Costco excepting they are not convenient for small adjustments and their local optometrists have a somewhat sterile ‘bedside manner’ that puts me off. Previous to Costco I attended a local chain for a decade but had to move on post retirement since I did not want to travel to the ‘good’ location since even the local chain delivered differing experiences between their shops.

Your local Facebook group should be helpful if you are on FB.


Thanks for that.
I’m glad my experience at OPSM was not unique to me.
BTW I’m in Wollongong NSW

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How do you know this is the case? We have used Specsavers in the past and the final lens quality hasn’t been any different to other optometrists. If they are pressuring you to buy contact lenses when you don’t want them, then this is something which is of concern as they aren’t listening to their customer.

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Easily scuffed and scratched (despite extras for scratch resistant) and independent optometrist. The glasses he gave me defiantly better lens.

You probably found this Choice article and the the section on lenses.

Depending on the lenses sold and purchased there are indeed ‘cheap quality’ as compared to better quality.

Suggests even with coating they may have been standard optical plastic rather than the more robust higher quality polycarbonate or high index products.

I have always asked my optometrists which brand they sold; I usually specify Varilux because of my progressive lens preference and their ‘sweet spot’. The old line photo lens companies generally make good product also (Zeiss, Kodak, Hoya, etc) noting each has products to address the low and high end markets, so it is not just brand, it is product within brand.


My experience with Specsavers is, I purchase mid range expense metal frames. Since I’m heavy handed with my glasses, they usually only last a few months before breaking at the hinge.
Since I only need reading glasses, I go and buy some cheap over-the-counter reading glasses for $15 and they last for at least 12 months or more. So why is it that Specsaver’s glasses frames don’t last the distance?
Also when I ask to have new lenses placed in old frames I purchased from them previously, and they have survived the rigorous punishment I give them, Specsaver’s say they can’t do it. I have a graveyard of old frames.
I’ll be going in to get my eyes checked, but most likely, won’t be buying any glasses. I’ll persevere with the over-the-counter glasses until my eyesight becomes too bad to use them anymore.

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I went to Eyecare warrawong great service for multifocles good price to they closed down due to covit but there is an Eyecare at George & Matilda Eyecare Phone: +61 2 4225 2505
Figtree Optometrists
Shop 80, Figtree Grove, 19 Princes Hwy,
Figtree NSW 2525,

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