Need feed back about Sumo Power

I received a call today 06/ 12 /2016 from the above power supplier . This call came in on my private home phone which I never give out . I asked them how they got the number and they told me that I or a family member had opted in ??? . Not too sure about that claim . Anyway Googled them up ,they are in South Melbourne . Checked Whirlpool , not much there . Just wondering is anyone on the forum using them as an energy provider . They offered some big discounts , like 37% cheaper than the others etc etc . I’ve always worked on the old saying " if it sounds too good it probably is " Input would be welcome .

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I never enjoy companies who sell discounts as compared to those who sell the final costs. However those who tout huge discounts have forced their competitors to join the fray. Most of the companies with the higher discounts also have higher base rates so the final cost is somewhere between more to deuce, or in cases perhaps even marginally less than average.

Unfortunately many consumers are not clever enough to look behind the headline discounts, and the lack of regulation enables utilities to be as obfuscating as they can to make any valid comparison of offers quite difficult.

There ought to be a law that utility companies have to present offers in a standard format against the same use. What are the chances when governments purposefully created this dog eat dog market to put dollars into pockets, while leaving delivery of essential services as an after thought?

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Is that big discounts on the rate per kWh or something else? Be wary of higher fixed charges, you really need to analyse your energy usage against your existing contract, and look at the full costs, TOU rates, times etc and see if it will be any better than what you currently have. In any case, I’d be very wary of them due to the way they contacted you, suggesting they contacted you due to a family member opting you in sounds like the sort of lie a dodgy company would use to justify the cold call.
I have heard of Sumo wrestlers, but not of Sumo Power :wink:

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Thank you @PhilT Phil and @gordon gordon for your replies . I did a thorough check of Sumo and their rates and plans etc and in the end would not be worth the hassle of changing over to them . Not that I intended to in any case . Without being to philosophical I value my time and when the call came through from Sumo , on my home phone not mobile , I was talking to a gaming friend from Seattle on my Team Speak server . Naturally I had to leave him to answer the call , thinking being on the land line it would be a family member ., it was Sumo Power . The “manager” when I was passed to him was too repetitive about the seamless transfer of pensions , health care cards etc . On checking up there were complaints about Sumo power not being so " seamless " in the transfer of these concessions , hence his assurances about them . Always sell your weak points first strategy . Life is a time line to me . I’m quite capable of changing utilities and services WHEN I FEEL LIKE CHANGING THEM . Someone cold calling me like that when I’m speaking to a friend is cutting into my timeline . We are all finite . We have only so much time on earth and also a set amount words to say , to write and in these internet days to type . I’ll leave it at that because writing about " Sumo Power " is cutting into my "time line " and honestly I don’t think they are worth my time . Just an annoyance that , at the moment , goes unchecked and is too accepted as the norm . Thanks again Phil and Gordon for your insight .

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One more suggestion. Here is a tactic I use.

I never accept any verbal offers whether it is over the phone or in person. If ever anyone offers, regardless of how special their special is, or when the special will end, I ask them to mail it to me so you have it in writing. Insist on that. It stops most sales pitches then and there saving everybody’s time.

I work on the principle that if I can’t have it documented, it doesn’t exist.

After decades of doing this I have yet to receive one offer in writing.


@meltam Very sound advice my friend .

Fabulous idea, I am certainly going to try it and see how I go…!

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Although 5 years since the last post this report on Sumo practices might be relevant for those considering switching to them in addition to other aspects of service, green energy and so on.

Does a corporate culture change because of fines or do the managers just find other ways to ‘stay clean’?