NBN providers rated by Aussies

Some forum members might find this Canstar Blue users poll useful . Just found out will be 2019 at the least before I can access NBN . :disappointed_relieved:


It seems that my problems with Telstra’s new email system has, as of 21 March, (as far as I can tell) been resolved.
On 21 March my inbox was flooded, I even received an email from an emailed circular I hadn’t seen for 8 months !
It’s very easy to sit back and criticise Telstra but as I live in a regional area, the only viable alternative is Optus which has a worse track record than Telstra.
So I’m very pleased to say I am now receiving the service I pay for and hopefully, this situation will be maintained.
Thank you Telstra tech Help, it is much appreciated.


We are on the list on Friday morning. We are going with optus as we already signed up for their 24 month 4g 200gb Wi-Fi contract and so we are just going to stick with them and get the $60 offer. They have told us we can keep 4g until the nbn is running properly. I was saying to my daughter today we haven’t really received any information from nbn co at all. We don’t know anything about it except what I have read here and on newsites. The only reason I knew it was even coming was because of the junk mail we received from the telcos. I found out it was coming on the 28th from optus. I don’t know if our neighbour’s know that they are all going to be cut off on Friday! They all might just be in for a shock! It just seems so badly organised and we are in coolangatta on the Gold Coast.

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I think the cut off is 18 mths after the NBN is in place in an area.


I am pretty sure they just cut you off after a while once the nbn is in your area and you don’t have long to get it set up. That’s why people have been so upset. Many people wanted to keep their cable or adsl2 or didn’t even know the nbn was coming and all of sudden they had no internet! Then they have to sit waiting for weeks for nbn co to come and hook it up properly. Then if they want adsl2 there’s been arguing around tpg whether they can have that. It sounds like a massive mess to me and I don’t understand half of it! I am just hoping it isn’t a mess. All I know is anything to do with internet always turns out harder than they promise and we should have stuck to labor’s Internet which was ten times faster and wouldn’t have needed to be upgraded for another 50 or more years. This internet will probably have to start being upgraded in some places as soon as it’s finished being laid down across the country. Politicians need to stop undoing each other’s good work just for the sake of making a point. It serves no one.

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@grahroll is correct. At 18 months all legacy services and systems are cut off. As I post the link there is a “Please note that the information on this page is under review and will be updated shortly.”


Another aspect often overlooked is the NBN notice of installation etc seems to be addressed to “The owner/occupant” from “ISGM” or another “Construction partner of NBN” as shown on the envelope, it looks like junk mail, not a formal communication. I suspect more than a few of these notices have been put in the rubbish unopened.


A year ago I turned on the NBN here in Wollongong with Exetel. I chose the $50 a month plan that provides 500 GB of data as uploads are counted. I purchased the recommended modem off eBay for half price, otherwise it is available from Exetel for $100 - I only have fibre to the node (FTTN). Exetel sent around flyers with a special no setup fee for people who changed early enough, so I saved another $70. The setup instructions for the modem I found a little tricky so I phoned up customer service who guided me through the process. Setting up VoIP was also tricky, and customer service help with that as well. Exetel is a barebones, no handholding service but if you want cheap and reliable . . . Well it works for me. The service is adequate and reliable.