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NBN Installation Unacceptable



Would be very silly as would have a high chance of being damaged…being on the footpath/accessible side of the fence would be an invitation to vandals.

I suspect that they have the powers vested to them from Commonwealth legislation (and corresponding State and local government legislation) that allows them to locate the NBN infrastructure in public lands/common lands/road reserves, in a manner which suits their purpose and doesn’t impact on other infrastructure. Possibly a fence would achieve this but wouldn’t be very secure or a long term solution.

For units, I can see why they would run one line across the unit building to service all units. This would save running separate lines to each unit, some of which could potentially have a common route. Bundling them together also makes them easier to find when work is carried out on the buildings/grounds (and using a service like dial-before-you-dig).


'PH" It is totally understandable why the NBN would prefer to route across the front of the buildings. I don’t now how where you live works. In Qld townhouses are treated differently to units. They stand alone similar to a duplex. if the ourside facade was part of the common property fine. But in my instance the front facade is mine. I own it and I am responsible for maintaining it. The body corporate does not have ownership of any part of my facade and is not responsible for maintaining it. I do need the BC permission to alter the facade. So it’s surprising the BC through silence and the NBN through legislation believes it can attach a neighbour’s services to it without my explicit approval. I did seek some advice from the State Govt dept that is responsible for the Body Corporate legislation.

The short answer is that it all sounds too complicated to get a clear answer. It’s NBN vs Telstra guidelines vs the telecommunications act, add in the TIO, and then take a dash of the Qld land tenancies and body Coroporate acts and regulations, and a possible adjudication plus expert law firm. I’m at the end of the food chain here. I have been able to get my cable entry point moved and the duct removed from the outside front of my deck. I’m happy with that outcome. I also understand what our BC might have done to make this go better given there is a gap in how the NBN handles multiple owner properties. In Qld there are different forms of tittle and Body Corporate plans. Owner be ware - is a new legal possibility.


Thanks for update and the info @mark_m and glad you got an outcome. I’m sure it will be useful to other readers to hear of your experience too.