NBN installation notice with different installation address

Hello All,

I recently received a notice from NBN that is addressed to “the owner”.
In the first paragraph it says “we plan to install the equipment needed to connect to NBN at the address shown to the right”.
The problem is that the letter is sent to a different address to the actual installation address.
And it says installation will be done between 8/09/2017 - 08/03/2018.

I am posting it here to see if this issue is common?

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@lll.000.999 Personally, we had mixed messaging between the NBN, the strata management in our apartment complex and our telco for a couple of months during the changeover NBN. It can be confusing, but we didn’t have any service outages and eventually it was sorted out.

This is for other consumers who may have been given this advice:

I received a call from Optus sub-contractor, Eddie of NTC Solutions, who clearly stated that my landline phone will have to be with the modem/router that stays with my computer. This information startled me as I need the phone where I can hear it, not in another room!
I then contacted Optus who assured me this is not the case.
Also, the number Eddie gave for other questions to Optus was (1300) 300427 which I found impossible to get to speak with a human after about five minutes pressing numbers to get to the right department. Ignore this and call their 1800 on website.
I aslo insisted Optus post me their plan which they did. This gave me time to compare Foxtel.
All in all, on the day NBN contractor arrives I will go through the details with him/her.
So much for competition - only two companies in Australia to choose from!!

This could be semantics, but.

If you have a few phone jacks in your house they will usually be on a single internal phone wiring network, and you can plug that internal wiring into the modem-router VOIP port. Things should but apparently will not always just work by doing that, ISP and modem-router dependent. This requires rewiring so your phone network is rerouted from connecting to the external Telstra copper to the VOIP port. It is not difficult but often requires some work be done such as a new wall socket for the wiring to connect to the VOIP port.

If you have a single phone, no fax, and no alarm or medical alert, you can buy a 2-station wireless phone. Plug the base station directly into the VOIP port and put the remote handset/charger wherever you want as long as it is in range of its base. You could obviously have a single handset wireless but those are usually sold without secondary chargers, so while the handset could be left anywhere it will have to be on the charger-base (near the VOIP port) periodically.

If your phone is a wired phone you will have to keep it wired to the VOIP port regardless of how. It can be through your re-wired phone network or direct (eg near the modem-router).

How so? NBN provides the backbone and myriad ISP sell their services to use NBN. How many are fully competent with what they are about, be it with good techs or good subcontractors? I do not know.

Thanks Phil. NBN is to be conected tomorrow. I will use your information to guide the contractor and myself.

Please post how it goes, and how your phones got connected.

Well, I decided to cancel connection and see how Optus/NBN responds. I want to delay as long as I can up to their cut-off date of November 25.
I will be worse off with less channels and higher cost per month even with unlimited broadband which we all know is slower!

Doesn’t surprise me really as the AEC, by their own admission, sent my federal postal vote to an imaginary address.

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Had the same sort of letter at an address we lived in a few years back. Addressed to the owner with a connection address to a house that wasn’t even in the same area as us. In fact the address we lived in wasn’t even marked as being on the waiting list yet, so there was no surprise when the dates mentioned came and went and we got nothing. We were renting and when it finally did come time to get the NBN added to the house about 6 months later we didn’t even get a knock on the door. The NBN contractors simply started digging a trench through our front yard, and even through our footpath that leads from the gate to our front door instead of digging under the concrete which would have been easier and wouldn’t have involved actually damaging the path, then they just filled it up with sand. We had to move house before it got connected the rest of the way, so no idea what happened after that.

At least AEC realized and admitted. NBN seems to be carrying on blissfully unaware (or perhaps ignoring) of its mistakes.

The NBN finally came to my elderly mothers house and the NBN installer told her the phone had to be attached to the modem in the garage and only there!

Telstra came and installed the modem in the garage and then plugged it into the existing copper phone line, the two old landline phones work fine in there respective rooms.

With respect to your existing phones.
You own the phone cabling in you home.
Have the installer plug the modem into the existing cables.

If that is not possible plug a wireless phone base into the NBN modem, they are available for about $70 with three phone units. Much cheaper than paying for new wiring and neater too.
Wireless phones are available from Target,The Good Guys etc. I think they start at about $30, for less handsets.
There are also ones with an option to let you answer calls on your mobile via wifi back to your base unit.

Each worker was technically correct in their ‘world of responsibility and technical jargon’, but as I suspected there was no drama involved. A good outcome for your mum. :slight_smile: