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NBN HFC Service Connection Delays and Performance



You might also like to consider the following from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, TIO.

The very first item on the list of telecommunications service complaints they WILL Consider is the contract.
Is it fair to say the RSP’s contract does not have that exclusion? IE that you can’t complain about the contract? The TIO will if you contact them point you elsewhere if they are unable to respond.

It may be that the TIO will have an opinion on the contract terms. It would also seem very wrong that you cannot take any unresolved service issue to the TIO?


Thanks I will pass it on:-)


It is annoying that TIO refuse to handle complaints about nbn connection. Whilst I realise that the nbn rollout plan is subject to some change, imho there still should be some obligation on nbn to be held accountable for only making changes where necessary, to communicate changes with sufficient notice and to explain the logic behind changes. In our case, we were expecting nbn installation on December 24th 2018 and were only told in January 2019 that it was delayed until May 2019. The reason given was that the building was multiple occupancy and they needed to liaise with the body corporate. This is rubbish because nbn contractor liased with the body corporate and did all the cabling prior to the HFC freeze!


I have had ongoing issues being essentially ‘lost’ in the NBNCo installation system, history not germane here.

What I learnt is that the front line NBNCo staff who answer our queries have no clue nor do they seem able to find one even if pointed at one or it is delivered to them on a gold platter. After months of being assured and reassured no worries about my missing HFC connection it got raised as a complaint and voila, the disconnect and problem was identified in only 2 days elapsed.

Apparently the complaints people can actually contact their ‘[non]Delivery Partners’ as well as their ‘Delivery Partners’ to find out what is and is not going on. When NBNCo complaints turned it around the '[non]Delivery partner claimed they have been unable to contact me on 3 occasions so closed my work order as being uncontactable. Total rubbish.

The complaints person had my work order re-opened and I provided 3 phone numbers, reviewed where my address is shown on the postal box, and they have my email. If the ‘[non]Delivery Partner’ evolves to a ‘Delivery Partner’ their system will have worked although far from perfectly.

Such delays are common, as are apparently the furphies used to explain why.


@TheBBG Do you have any tips on how to get through to a proper complaints person at nbn? The response I got to my ‘complaint’ was rubbish and showed a lack of any consideration of our specific circumstances (i.e. the point I mentioned about having to liaise with body corporate for cabling when cabling was completed in early 2018). This is why I think it is important to have a proper escalation process (via TIO). With other ombudsmen services I usually find the escalation to the ombudsmen results in the complaint being resolved by the provider (rather than the actual ombudsmen). This has happened to me recently on two complaints to airlines and one to credit card.


In my case I stopped accepting the ‘no worries’ and indicated if they could not give me a proper answer I would reluctantly have to try the ministers office. They promptly escalated it internally.

Beyond trying that all I can offer is

that has the email, phone, fax, and postal contacts.


By my experience in a similar scenario with a MDU (Townhouses) and Body Coporate, and the cabling done Q1 2018, there has been no further progress. The NBN property advice now shows that we should be ready for connection this month, Jan 2019. However the roll out map says still under construction. The dates have moved several times without any further advice.

Was the 24th Dec a booked date for install or for some other purpose? How was the date advised?
Expect a letter sent at least to the BC and sensibly to each owner advising that your property is able to be connected before anything further follows. The NBN Co advised me that they would do all contact through the BC, which is really unnecessary given each property is separately cabled! Three of the properties are tenanted. The NBN Co really needs to talk with each of the owners who need to discuss with the agents and tenants to work out what each property requires. Expect similar pain to what @TheBBG and yourself are experiencing when the time comes!

I’m on our Body Coporate and to date the NBN in engaging with the BC has only mailed out one letter of advice at the end of 2017. Nothing since!

The advice from @TheBBG reflects my experience with the NBN Co. Going to the NBN Co complaints procedure on line and by phone may be the best way to get past the front door of the system to get a meaningful response.

I have noted the NBN map now no longer indicates (when I use my device here) by colour whether you are in a fixed line of fixed wireless area.


Are those intended puns or accidental? :rofl:

Can they fix them, ever? Time will tell.


Everyone who has a failed appointment (missed sounds too nice) should ring and email their local Federal MP and their Senators for their State as well as the two Ministers responsible for the NBN & NBN Co plus add a complaint to the TIO. ACMA specify the TIO as the Ombudsman service responsible for the NBN in response to @samwardill “annoying that TIO refuse to handle complaints about nbn connection” as I quote from ACMA’s website “If you have a complaint about the installation, connection, repair or operation of your internet and/or telephone service supplied over the NBN, in the first instance contact your retail service provider. If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may then contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO). The ACMA has also developed an extensive guide on how and where to make a complaint.”

Regarding the addresses and contact info re the Ministers, TIO and advice I gave regarding NBN services in another topic:

ACMA has whole pages dedicated to the process of installing & the expectations of Consumers re NBN & more precisely about complaints at
So the email complaint you send to your Fed Reps & the TIO is also worth lodging with ACMA via this email address (just add the address as a CC to your email).


They cannot force someone but they can refuse to provide a service that is “novel” if the other party does not agree to the terms. They might argue your brother wanted a rate that was not the standard service rate and thus “novel”, in that they requested a cheaper service that had certain terms attached. As I have no idea of which provider made the offer it is difficult to check the exact terms of their (the company) contracts.

If the Contract is outside the law (unlawful) anyone who reads it could make a complaint to the ACCC and possibly the TIO about unfair terms and this would not require your brother to do so.


Thank you ,I will forward your info to him.:slight_smile:


Since relocating to a unit in another part of the town I was living in, I had nothing but problems. Dropouts continually, qh8ch have lessened somewhat but also sspeedsvery slow. The attitude of Telstra complaints was appalling. They gave up by saying that up to 5 dropouts a day was acceptable which I disagrred with. Rather than fixing the problem properly they said they were happy for me to change providers. Also the Telecommunications ombudsman had done nothing to my three different complaints. The problems started at end of August 2018. Telstra also have me an interim phone but they did not send a return satchel and am still waiting for address!


Not a good report or situation to be in @tmbry1508.

What type of NBN service do you have? EG FTTN, HFC, ??
Any other details that might help others understand what is happening with the install Telstra and the NBN Co provided?


Not sure what you mean. Copper wiring that is old and breaks is what we have here. Also technicians who put nbn in main street, wired road up back the front


For the NBN what is it about the way the street is wired that it was put in back the front?

For the NBN do you have a fibre to the node service, also known by FTTN?
This uses the old copper phone lines for the last part of the NBN connection.


Yes old copper wires. Nbn technicians have been incompetent around here. Businesses in the main street were badly affected once they were attached to system


What’s NBN? Being a bit tongue in cheek here. The earliest we will get it, if at all, is the middle of 2020 and we’re just 5 km from the CBD.


From looking at the most recent NBN roll out maps some of the sprawling inner burbs of the big cities have something in common with the regional/rural areas not yet able to access the NBN. They are both at the bottom of the list.

There is not a lot of information about how well the HFC is performing in the premises connected after last years freeze was lifted. We were advised for Ashgrove and nearby in Brisbane that none of the HFC would be made available until the cabling for the entire service area was 100% complete?

Could we assume the same elsewhere, although the logic of progressively turning HFC on as finished in smaller sections would seem a more reasonable way to spread resources?

It leaves the NBN Co open to speculation there is some other issue with the HFC program, eg shortage of finances, not enough contractors, ongoing technical issues, shortage of customer installation equipment (eg DOCSIS 3.1 modems)? We as the public do not have access to the relevant private contract progress reports or financials to know if there are unspecified issues or not? Hope all is ok!

The NBN Co carried out lab trials of DOCSIS 3.1 capable equipment in 2017. It was supposed to progress to field trials at the end of 2017 into early 2018 Feb/March? Aside from some reports of field trials of the slower DOCSIS 3.0 Redcliffe 2016, there has been little else online re any results! Has any one better information?

Although DOCSIS 3.1 does enable higher speeds on HFC networks that is not our core focus at this present time.
From an NBN Co point of view DOCSIS 3.1 will help us increase capacity on the HFC network far more efficiently than conducting new optical node splits which will, in turn, free up construction resources elsewhere to complete the network build by 2020.

IE How to put more customers onto a single feed/cable and save the NBN Co some money?


I think I’ve found what’s wrong with the NBN. This is one of their vehicles with their map of Australia ….



OK just had the NBN connected at home over HFC. It works adequately although slower than what I had with straight cable.
As an ex communications engineer I was interested in the process. It took close to an hour when 10 minutes would have done. He removed my router and tested the signal at the cable at that end. Its was perfect. Then retested the cable where it entered the house ( that should have been an even better signal and was a waste of time) then removed the foxtel cable termination and retested the cable then replaced the termination with the same thing with a different label and retested. Now go inside and retest the cable in the house and all good now attach the NBN network terminator/HFC modem—oh–then retest.
3 tests is all that would normally be required IMHO.
The telstra copper was not touched so in order to get the alarm system and other phones in the house to work muggins here had to climb in the ceiling and cut the wire. Other people would have to call someone to do that and I guess that would add $100-$200. Not impressed.
iPrimus is my ISP–their stuff worked although I am concerned that their router is from Huawei and seem to have some annoying issues with the establishment of wifi connections. I might change that out on the next cool day in Adelaide :slight_smile: