Nationwide Appliance Repairs - Refund

I have a DeLonghi induction cooktop and it had an annoying intermittene beep. I called Nationwide Appliance Repairs and was quoted $195 for the callout. Apart from the intermittent beep there was nothing wrong with my cooktop. The repair story would be funny if it wasn’t true.

Prior to publishing a review in Google Reviews I gave Nationwide the chance to reply to the following email.

start of email
I am considering writing a negative review of your service but thought I would try to contact you first as per your instructions in replies to other customers who have given negative reviews. Let me say, your responses to those customers doesn’t instil confidence I will get anywhere with my concerns.

My initial reason for calling Nationwide was to fix an intermittent beep in my cooktop and I was quoted $195 for the callout. Apart from the intermittent beep there was nothing wrong with my cooktop.

The technician attended but was unable to find any fault and instead of the $195 quoted, charged me $247.50. Not happy #1.

After the technician left, I discovered I was unable to use the small hotplate so I called Nationwide again. Not happy #2.

The same technician attended but once again was unable to fix my cooktop. Not happy #3.

Nationwide is now telling me that I will have to pay a further $660, and there appears to be no guarantee that the proposed resolution will fix my problem.

It appears Nationwide are taking me for a fool that can just throw good money after bad.

Should this not be resolved to my satisfaction by 1 week from today I will be publishing this email with a 1 star review.

Looking forward to getting a satisfactory resolution.

end of email

As a result of my email Nationwide admitted that they couldn’t guarantee the quoted $660 would fix the problem and said it may be other parts and cost even more. They also offered to source a new cooktop at a competitive price.

The cooktop that Nationwide recommended was a further $2,213. Although Nationwide said the new cooktop would fit in the same space, they did not rule out additional charges if it didn’t fit.

I was not happy with the quote so declined to proceed with purchasing a new cooktop or their proposed fix solution and requested a full refund. Nationwide offered $50.

I requested Nationwide assist me to write a review if I accepted the $50.

Nationwide increased their refund offer to $100 and requested I not write a review as they already knew my concerns. My response was for a full refund you get a 4 star review, but anything less it is a 1 star review.

Nationwide then agreed to a full refund but didn’t want me to write a review and to sign a form with the following wording:
“I accept the amount that is being refunded and agree that no further refunds will be processed.
I agree not to put any negative feedback on the internet sites/social media etc against Nationwide Appliance Repairs.
I understand if I do I will be liable for legal charges to remove any negative feedback put online.”

To avoid any legal charges I asked Nationwide to approve my 4 star review prior to posting.

Nationwide responsed that if I am refunded, I am not to post a review.

Result - I paid $247.50 and have a cooktop with 1 hotplate not working. UPDATE: make that 2 hotplates not working.

Does anybody else think it’s strange that all the reviews on the Nationwide website are positive (4 star and 5 star) yet when you go to the source on Google there are 23 missing reviews for the same period, 21 with 1 star and 2 with 2 stars.

UPDATE: Nationwide response was
“I’ll provide you with a full refund so please change the review to 4 stars and will get this matter resolved by today”

My review is now 4 stars, and I didn’t even change any wording, and they even have it on their website - I doubt they have even read my review. I am still waiting on my full refund and if it’s not here in 10 days I change my review back to 1 star.

Lesson: Do not give in. I was willing to forgo my $247.50 so others were forewarned.


My full refund was received so the review remains with 4 stars.


In my opinion this is like blackmail. I don’t think there is anyway way there could be any legal charge, nor could they remove negative feedback unless the feedback was defamatory.


Unfortunately this is something many companies do in the hope that the customer will give up.


Take the refund and do as you please regarding what you say about them provided it is strictly factual and not defamatory. If they make any more threats ignore them. They will not pursue it as they have no grounds and wouldn’t spend the money on a civil case for such trivia anyway - they are bluffing.


Took several weeks to be able to get a booking as apparently their one and only technician for the Brisbane area was on holidays (red flag).

Cost a $198 callout fee for which the office had called the day prior to the booking, asking for it to be paid in cash to the repairman upon his arrival (another red flag).

The next day, he arrived in a Subaru Forrester thus did not have parts or equipment to repair on the spot for what I had essentially self-diagnosed prior to his attendance (replacement valve needed). He did not have the necessary part on him and would thus require re-attendance to fit it in a couple of weeks.

The office then proceeded to quote an exorbitant repair fee (~$850) and “generously” quoted on a new, replacement machine for installed and delivered for ~$950. Upon a bit of basic research, the replacement machine could be bought elsewhere for $400 cheaper than quoted.

Needless to say, I didn’t opt for their replacement or repair and bought a bigger and better machine elsewhere for cheaper.

After leaving a negative review elsewhere, I was contacted by a Manager (Ron) from Nationwide Appliance Repairs who offered to provide me with a refund in order to smooth over the experience and “make the customer happy”.

I was then provided with a “refund form” that I had to sign and agree to not post any negative reviews and to delete my current one in order to obtain said refund as apparently that’s what their refund policy says. It sounds to me more like a bribe policy.

Needless to say, I refused to delete anything as I stand by my previous comments that this is a dodgy and unethical company, and this apparent refund policy/attempt to buy me off only further highlights this. I wonder how many other negative reviews have been deleted in such a fashion?

Ron also told me that the reason that the technician didn’t fix it on the spot was that I didn’t ask him to bring the parts. What a ludicrous excuse! He arrived with some basic tools and phone, yet I didn’t ask him to bring them either.

Check out reviews for this company on other sites (Google, Truspilot, Product Review) for similar experiences from other dissatisfied customers.

TLDR: Unethical company that should never be used.