National (whatever) Day

I am quite happy with Causes having their National Day, usually fuelled by a charity or health group to raise awareness of issues in the community eg National Prostate Cancer Day, but this is just over the top!

I was informed that: 5th February is World Nutella Day,
and 16th February is National Tim Tam Day - McKenzie’s (makers of Bi-carb soda) emailed me recipes to celebrate.

So now companies are promoting their products, piggybacking on our sense of charity, awareness & goodwill that comes with “National xx Days”. Have you heard of others?


Those into social media might know of more.

For those into serious marketing opportunities and million dollar opportunities.

My take is to note there are at least 104 days of the year to avoid real estate agents. :joy:

However, to help you to keep the ideas flowing and your feeds fresh we have created the ultimate social media calendar for 2022. Acknowledging and posting on certain holidays can be a fun and interactive way to engage your audience and spice up your content. With 104 dates listed below, you’ll be sure to never run out of inspiration in the New Year.

A lighter look at some - :wink:
National Days—The Perfect Opportunity for Real Estate Marketing


I groan every time my local member posts about some national something day…honestly… national pizza day? That is just brainless.


March 5th, National Cheese Doodle Day.

How good is that? And closely followed by,

March 27th, National Viagra Day!

I didn’t know it takes three weeks to get such scripts filled.


Sept 19th. Mark it down. Talk like a pirate day. Aarr me hearties.


February 13:

Shrove Tuesday (pancake day)
National Cheddar Day
National Internet Friends Day

I think I’ll celebrate ‘pancake day’ :blush:


That is an interesting one because it is religious or cultural, not about pancakes, per se. Thus can be differentiated from what some call ‘Hallmark Holidays’ (in North America at least) that were originally popularised by the greeting card industry.


Sorry, it’s a type of food I love, I won’t discriminate against it :smiling_face:


… and isn’t that every day? :wink:


Cut the waiting time?

Forget taking a little blue pill - now you can have Viagra ICE CREAM


PUBLISHED: 11 April 2014

  • British ice cream maker has created a Viagra and champagne flavour
  • Each serving contains 25mg of the erectile dysfunction drug
  • Viagra recommends a dose of 50mg per person - i.e. two scoops
  • The secret celebrity client was said to be ‘very happy with the result’

A British ice-cream maker has invented a dessert which can help with erectile dysfunction - by flavouring the batch with Viagra.
The Arousal flavour contains around 25mg of Viagra per scoop. It was created on specific request from a celebrity customer of South Wales ice cream company, Lick Me I’m Delicious.
Inventor Charlie Harry Francis added the Viagra to the ice cream and used champagne for flavour to complete the bespoke recipe.


Should it come with a health warning? :wink:
Too much can have unexpected consequences. :shushing_face:

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It’s funny on my Facebook page for a full year i posted up the daily National Days from all around the world people found them very interesting,and some very strange one’s as well Haha

That’s right i remember that one

After 3 weeks, many men have lost the interest or the opportunity.

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It’s a bit “stiff” ,pardon the pun , that we live in Australia . We might miss out on this ice cream :rofl: :rofl:


Star Wars Day: May the 4th [be with you]


Well, I’m a bit late for the 13th, so I hope it counts that I’m eating pikelets tonight.


I think you can safely assume that the only people taking that day seriously are the management of the Nutella corporation. Although now that I think about it, some Nutella would be pretty nice on these somewhat stodgy pikelets I’m eating.


February 18 is National Drink Wine Day.
(Could have helped digest those pikelets.)

February 19 is National Chocolate Mint Day :yum:


What next? National A-holes Day? We must have better standards.