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Myths and Vaping


Confused about whether e-cigarettes are safe or dangerous?

You will be after reading this assortment of conflicting articles.



Well you can immediately rule out the two Mail articles as fake news :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like e-cigarettes are dangerous in one way. Explosions.


A gory death always makes the headlines. There all are manner of things that will kill us if we don’t use them according to the manufacturers instructions or good common sense, medicines, motor vehicles, crossing the street, lots of things. Little while back a phone could kill you and burn down your house.

Vapes either have a replaceable battery or one built in. 99%* of vape devices are regulated electronically while 1%* are known as unregulated mods or mechanical mod or just mod which come with warnings that incorrect settings can and will explode or ignite the battery. Depends on what he was using and if doing it correctly but the other death cited in the story was a mechanical mod.

Either one and either way, a lot of things you keep close to your body have powerful batteries in them and because you want longer life out of your devices the manufacturers keep pushing the capacity. This isn’t like a AA battery, take any charged phone, pad, laptop or vape battery and short circuit it and you’ll soon have a reasonable conflagration. How it’s done helps determine a slow sizzle or explosive failure.

You’re more likely to be killed in your car or because of your dog.

  • Estimates are my own and totally made up but mech mods are rare or sometimes homemade/kludged from old devices.


Another article regarding the dangers of e-cigarettes following the death of a toddler in Victoria.


First reported death in the US due to vaping…

It is also interesting to note…‘193 people in 22 states had contracted severe respiratory illnesses after vaping.’

It appears that the real world vaping ‘experiment’ which has been going on for a few years, indicates that it may not be as risk free as first thought.


Several articles regarding the dangers of vaping.


@BrendanMays, I wonder if Choice should be updating their website article on vaping…

to reflect some of the more recent information about potential dangers. While there may be more research which need to be undertaken, it may be cognoscente of Choice to update their webpage with some of this information.


As they use glycerine & propylene glycol to be the carriers/solvents of the flavours in the vaping liquid (this is the “smoke” cloud you see when someone breathes out the cloud), it does not totally suprise me that they have lipid loaded macrophages in their testing/pathology results. Some of the glycerine & propylene glycol must condense on tissues in the respiratory tract and lungs during the inhale and expire cycle.


An article regarding the deceptive and misleading conduct of JUUL.



Another article regarding the dangers of vaping.


Before we all knee-jerk ourselves into whiplash, it might be better to investigate and let the facts tell the story.

I don’t presume to say that vaping is safe, but the cause of the current panic is NOT traditional vaping. Millions of people around the globe are vaping, and suddenly there is a cluster of illness in the US?
The CDC is investigating, and look what they are finding . . .
'A current suspect in the outbreak is vitamin E acetate, sometimes used as a cannabis vape cartridge additive. It’s a popular new diluent thickener found mostly in illicit market THC vape carts. ’
The usual story of unscrupulous sellers trying to increase their profit margin.

This additive is not used in normal vape products but used by a few unscrupulous traders and backyarders to dilute cannabis oil vape cartridges in an effort to ‘cut’ their product. Even the Nine News story has the guy using THC vapes as well as standard vape products and while a search engine will readily tell you all this, it seems Ch 9 (along with many others) would rather rail against vaping, the new cause de jour than do some basic research!.

I mix my own vape juice using food grade components, same ones used to make the e-juice that millions are using. I smoked tobacco for a long time but switched to vaping 7 years ago. I have regular medical checkups and my Doctor is very pleased at the improvement my health has shown since I quit cigarettes. And yes, he knows that I vape, and while he is sceptical he does admit that I show every sign of having given up smoking with no sign of problems from vaping.

I’ll just keep informed and wait for the investigation to reveal the problem, not let Ch 9 tell me what to think.


How do you know this is the case? How does one know that any product ingredient is safe when vaped?

Unfortunately one doesn’t know the ingredients of the compounds they are vaping, as the e-cigarette industry is mostly unregulated. There are no requirements in relation to what can and can’t be added to e-cigarette compounds (that being the fluid used to for the inhalant).

It is only regulated when the product contains nicotine. NSW Health also states, from e-cigarette compounds sold in Australia that “E-cigarettes are not harm-free and may expose users and bystanders to chemicals that are harmful to health.”.

If I vaped, would I be concerned…the answer would be yes as one is playing Russian roulette in relation to the ingredients which may be within e-cigarette compounds and what they may do to the body.

The likely problems identified in the US (and also have the potential to occur here), may result in the e-cigarette industry being regulated no differently to say medicines or the tobacco industry. This may be a good thing to those who current use such products as it may assist in the removal of those ingredients which prove to have health consequences over time and when known.

Another point worth making is the inhaling of any compounds (vaping, tobacco, stimulants etc) are not ‘natural’ and the human body has not developed/evolved to counteract the effects of the inhaling of such products. This is often why over time the inhaling of many materials and products are found to have health consequences.


Another article warning of the dangers of vaping.


Yes, sometimes the media does itself a disservice with sensationalising content. It’s great that you have given up conventional tobacco products.

With vaping, perhaps there is more to know.
The same could have been said about asbestos in the 1950/60’s, or tobacco in the 1930/40’s, or opium in the 19th century.

The diseases of silicosis and Coal workers’ pneumoconiosis (CWP), were only identified long after industries and workplaces had first exposed workers to the supposedly benign substances of silica and coal dust. Stuff that was in various forms all around people in every day life. Perfectly safe in everyday use, until!

Today there is still no cure for either seriously debilitating and life threatening conditions. Once the diseases become apparent, it’s too late. Time to check the bucket list and ensure it is near empty when you kick it. Apparently a good strategy, that bit hurts less as full buckets weigh more. :flushed:

For now perhaps the risk with Vaping is no different.

Of course if vaping is bad for the user, it will also be bad for everyone else in the near vicinity. Perhaps we need to return the days of Victorian England with dedicated smoking rooms, and as for much of Japan limits on where individuals can light up.


Another article regarding the dangers of vaping.


Another article regarding vaping.

They just keep on coming.


India to ban vaping.


If you have any interest in the vaping debate for, against, or undecided, please . . . watch this video.

My defence of vaping is because I was one of the many who could not give up cigarettes, as nothing available could counter the habit, the routine of smoking, the countless triggers. Gums, sprays, patches, whatever, don’t do it at all well. Vaping has certainly added years to my life even if there are harms involved as those harms don’t compare with tobacco harms.

Do I loathe BIG tobacco? Yes, but when I was a kid my dad looked just like the Marlboro Man on TV so the ads worked a treat.
Cigarette smokers, if they want to continue, should be registered and the sale of cigarettes should only be available by prescription. The nicotine in vape liquids should also be treated this way and offered as an alternative at the consultation. Vaping should be used as another tool in the fight to eliminate cigarettes. Britain has done so and it’s working very well for them. Their peak medical body is in full support.
Like many other consumables, vaping supplies should be regulated to ensure consumer safety.
Politicians need to pull heads out of sand and legislate vaping like alcohol and tobacco, no sale under 18.

Don’t mean to rant but this one is close to my heart and too many good ideas are getting killed off by the media. Like the Marlboro Man, repeat a misleading news story often enough and it becomes taken as gospel. Politicians are using that to great effect now much to the detriment of rational debate.

Vaping isn’t yet known to kill people or give them lung disease, but inhaling vitamin E oil tainted THC concentrate is, and there is a big difference between the two.


Another article regarding vaping.