Mydailyvita - Buyer Beware!

I purchased a product online from mydailyvita on the 10/4/20 I have emailed them several times and have no response from them in any way.

I have since been in touch with Natures Way and found out that the product they advertised and sold to me was discontinued in 2017 but is still being advertised.

I am telling you this as they should be investigated as frauds.

I have also since checked on their website on their reviews and find I am not alone in being ripped off by theses frauds.

Also I see Face Book is full of people having been defrauded by this company.



Hi @Paulleen, welcome to the community.

Loking online, it appears it is potentially a scam website to get customers credit card details or monies.

If you paid by credit card, I strongly recommend that you contact your credit card provider to have a chargeback instigated and also see if they can cancel your existing card and reissue you with a new one…to prevent future fraudulent activity using your existing credit card.

If you paid through Paypal, lodge a dispute with them to seek reimbursement of monies paid.

If you paid other ways. … electronic funds transfer, gift cards etc, you can possibly kiss your money goodbye.

When buying online, it is always good to check the company’s reviews from other shoppers and the company’s credentials (where are they located, do they have contact details and street address which can be checked using online maps, are they registered for business in Australia, location of the company etc). This can provide an indication of whether a problem is likely to arise or what may happen if there is a problem.

The ACCC also has useful info as well…

Generally if an online offer is too good to refuse, it may mean it is not a real offer but a scammer.


Welcome to the forum Paulleen, and thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Over and above what @phb has suggested, I would urge you to also report them to the ACCC (<= click on the blue type to go to the link). The ACCC won’t help you, but with enough complaints, they may move to shut the site down.


There are a number of websites that one can use to check these…here is one for Mydailyvita…

Also google the company name or the web address with scam afterwards to see what it bring up.


Hi Pauline, welcome to the Forum and thank you so much for sharing this with everyone. It is so important to spread the news of these fake websites and fraudsters so that we can all be on our guard when shopping online, and avoid them. Thanks again! Natalie :slight_smile: