My quick result to getting my airbag exchanged!

Continuing the discussion from Takata airbags recall:
On 17th of October 2017 I was in a Coffee cafe & heard someone speaking about airbags which made me look around to see who was speaking. It happened to be a customer telling someone else about his car getting the airbag exchanged with the local CMI Car dealer, at that very moment. He suggested I go to the Dealer after I told him I had waited for 12 months already, having contacted the Toyota Head office twice and the Dealer twice during 2017.
Finished my coffee, hopped in my car and drove to the Dealer! Questioned the Service Department staff & was once again told it would not happen until probably February 2018. Then I lost it! I had been driving my car, for 12 months already, with the fear of having an accident and taking the chance of my loved family member being killed by this Takata airbag. Responding loudly I said,“No, No, No! I was told 4 times during this year it would happen later and later! Enough is enough!” Then I got very emotional & broke down crying. A young man from behind the counter came forward and said, “I can see you are very upset about this. In cases like yours I think we can put in a special request to have one done for you a bit quicker.” He typed my details in the computer, then said that someone would get in touch with me in the next couple of days. I received a phonecall from the CMI office a few days later and told that I could come in on the Monday for the refit! It was fixed on the 23rd of October. Six days later! Unbelievable! I questioned CMI staff about having the same Takata airbags put back in my car and they said no that that would not occur. So now I am a happy person in a car that I and my family feel safe in once again. Thanks CMI!


Hard to believe the amount of delays that occuring with such an important safety issue. Still, glad you managed to get a good result @retirees :thumbsup:


@retirees in the ACCC “Future Recall” list many Toyotas are going to be recalled to replace “Like for Like” replacements somewhere in 2019. You may wish to check if your model is mentioned there. If they have used a like for like it isn’t a great worry but it will mean another replacement in 8 to 17 or so months from the date of this posting (May 2018).