Moving Discussions

There are sometimes discussions within discussions that in themselves can be interesting and relevant independent of the topic they are under. One example is a discussion between myself and avdbz429 in “Cinema Fined for online booking fee” about why debit cards and prepaid debit cards can get charged credit card surcharges…

Is there a way to extract such discussions and replicate them in their entirety, in their own topics?

Hi @pdtbaum,

I can do this for you, so if you spot any feel free to reach out to me. This is an important issue and an ongoing area of interest for CHOICE, so I’ve moved it into the Money category. Thanks go to you and @avdbz429 for starting the discussion on the Community.

Thanks, however you might look at the original thread again. There were two additional related posts, one about a Coles prepaid debit card, and my comments on prepaid debit cards. Cheers,

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Apologies, I thought the system had grabbed all the replies. I have moved them all across now :+1:

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FWIW this is a fabulous site, and the moderation from folks such as yourselves makes it even better.

Much appreciated. Cheers!