Moto G6 (and Onwards) Shared SIM/MicroSD Hybrid Slot Not Wanted! Dedicated Slots Wanted - Feedback to Lenovo

With Moto G5s line Lenovo have taken a step back by introducing the hybrid/shared SIM and microSD slot so you can’t simultaneously use microSD and SIM together on the same phone. Companies do listen to feedback so please tell Lenovo directly here - and also on there forums here in a dedicated thread - and on Ozbargain with a dedicated thread -

This is what I wrote to Lenovo directly:

I have been a loyal user of the Moto G branding having bought Moto G3, G4 and G5 Plus. One of the main reasons is it supports dual SIM and microSD with dedicated slots. With the recent G5S Plus Lenovo have done away with this feature and instead used shared/hybrid slots.

Please return this feature for future editions of the Moto G Line otherwise I will be forced to look elsewhere for my phone.


Geez, how often do they need to bring out a new model? I’m perfectly happy with the performance and battery life (apart from when there is no phone signal and it goes flat in <1 day) of my Moto G2.

I do agree that the shared slot idea is a big leap backwards, I wonder what idiot decided that would be a good idea?


The one who saw the chance to sell 2 phones when in the past one only was needed :grin:


Thanks for the likes and replies guys.

It would be appreciated more if you could also join and give kudos to the thread on the manufacturer’s forum at


I wonder how big the market was and whether it is uneconomic for Lenovo to continue with a two sim model. It could be too niche for a big manufacturer.

I know of many people who have two phones rather than one phone with two SIMs. It always puzzled me but I suppose many have a personal phone and work phone which are bough separately…and the personal phone purchase preference may be different to the work purchase preference.

I can see the merit in one phone with two SIMs especially when travelling or in the above situation where one had two phones (personal and work).


I was a welded on Motorola buyer for decades. They reflected superior US engineering and quality. The modern Moto has no relationship with that company or those products. My family had from earlier models through the RAZR generation, then the Moto G’s and an X. My current mobile is a Gv2 hand-me-down when my partner got fed up with it and bought an Oppo as I posted in another thread. I am lusting after her Oppo when she again upgrades. No more Moto’s for me. If you want proper slots find a phone with them and vote with your dollars.

I might get flamed on my attitude but if they cannot do proper marketing, and with the current state of product compared to the competition, perhaps it is best if they get what is deserved by ineptitude.


Agree this could be the issue if the two SIM product has become uneconomic. I wonder why they didn’t target government or big business which often provides mobile phones for work purposes, knowing that most of the employees who get such phones have a personal phone as well. If the phone was of good quality, then the uptake could be significant…and assuming the cost differential would be not overly significant.

If I had an employer saying I had a two SIM option for a work phone to negate the handling of a second personal phone, I would seriously consider it as an option. (for me I would also need to have a personal phone as well).

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The smarter employer would offer to reimburse the employee for a personal phone to also be used for business, as well as paying for a business friendly plan. The smart employee would pick their personal phone from any multi-SIM capable models. I can imagine some might be happy to use their personal mobile number as their business number, but why I could not guess unless that was OK to use their phone for personal business on the business.

While in the public service I had one agency phone and it was OK to use for limited personal use, no questions asked so long as it did not incur charges beyond the plan. The agency understood it was a personal impost for us to carry phones and that was a way of paying us back.


Dual SIM phones may also remove the foreign agent concerns over non liked personal phone hardware.