Moshtix website manipulation

I previously took the plunge of purchasing tickets for a gig on Moshtix, but it was a very frustrating experience. You’re paying a commission for the privilege of being advertised to, with popups trying to flog you red wine or some damned thing. Further, if you click “No” you’re just served another popup trying to flog you something else. You’ll be there forever in purgatory till you figure out to click on an “X” to get rid of the endless succession of popups.
It has now gotten to the point that unless I’m really sure the event will sell out, I’ll make a point of buying the ticket on the door. Not only is there their commission, but also the fee for doing the electronic transaction. I’m happy to pay the higher price on the door, knowing that hopefully more money will go to the venue and performers, though I can appreciate from the venue’s point of view having some idea of the patronage and money coming in ahead of time might be useful.
That is however the world we find ourselves in - where rather than internet purchases delivering on “convenience”, cash transactions have in fact become more appealing - for me, anyway. I appeal to everyone to think twice about making internet ticket purchases. Particularly from moshtix, but I think other sellers would do something similar.
I appreciate Choice magazine have in the past covered “dark patterns” on websites. Not sure if this is significant enough to count as a “dark pattern”, but it is certainly infuriating.