Morris Melbourne & Tickermove "Free Trial" - Scam Warning

Hi just another story of a dodgy practice…
My wife bought a dress from Morris Melbourne (which states it is up to date with all the latest Aus. fashions and ships anywhere in Aus.) on 9th Jan. Gets a confirmation email from Tickermove .com stating Invoice and order No. - so site lists dresses in dollar amounts and its not until the invoice that it is USD.
Look up the account today (17th Jan) as dress hasn’t arrived and find out that the 7 day “free trial” to Tickermove ( a IT consumables company ) has expired and we will be charged US$49.99 monthly for a membership until we cancel and all this was explained when we gave our details to buy the dress. I have rang Mastercard and they are disputing the charges for us.


Despite the clever name it is a .com site pretending to be Australian.

Checking the T&C reveals a few clues, one being it references VAT not GST, does not include the Australian Consumer Law Clause, and the giveaway is at the end (Article 14) where it becomes clear it is a Dutch company and Tickermove is a UK company as revealed in their own T&C and clearly shown on their site footer.

Thanks for flagging them.

As an aside this older topic should be of interest.

You have done the right thing. Be sure to take screen shots in the meantime to document their misleading sales tactics in case they dispute your dispute.


Oh this is good! A little button under the order summary labelled “Subscription details”, which says:

By purchasing today I agree to become a Chordsrush member. Chordsrush VIP gives you acces to FREE products from various brands in our exclusive members portal. As part of Chordsrush.Com’s mission to give back we will be planting 10 trees each month for every VIP member in an effort to collectively grow Chordsrush forest which we will showcase to all customers.

I get access to ALL FREE products in the exclusive members portal & I get acces to ALL Chordsrush products that are discounted up to 75% OFF (Just pay shipping)

I agree to a 7-Day FREE Trial to Chordsrush VIP today and I agree to the terms and conditions. After 30 days your trial will automatically rebill at USD 49.99 a month until you cancel. Cancel ANYTIME just contact us at or call us at +441202125031.

There is no option to not sign up! So they are snagging every purchaser who does not click the button and then back out of the transaction. Very nice.

I am so glad about that tree planting.


Thanks - I partly blame myself as a simple check on a review site would have alerted us that we shouldn’t have trusted the site (trust pilot listed 5 single star reviews with similar stories) At the time I was just LAZY and didn’t due the “due diligence” that is required online and am now paying/learning through this hopefully little drama


I strongly recommend that you keep a close eye on your credit card/bank account as there is a possibility it is a scam website created to harvest personal information and credit card/payment details:

The automatic subscription model (subscription scam or traps) is a new mojo of some scam websites as they pocket the money for the subscription and fight any attempt to reverse the charge through a chargeback. They argue the customer agreed to the subscription and point to wording hidden in the purchase process. They use phantom subscriptions as it is becoming harder to fleece consumers of money using card payment methods.

It might also be wise to contact your card issuer and indicate there is a high chance you inadvertently used the card’s details on a sham/scam website. They should cancel the card and issue a new one. Make sure you update any bill accounts linked to the old card number so that payment aren’t declined.


And the Tickermove website has a very strong possibly of being a scam website, used to wash the credit card payment for the subscriptions through:

Their prices for their electronic good are unrealistic (they are too good to be true) and this confirms the assessment by scamadvisor.

It is now strongly recommended that you contact your card issuer and advise that the card details have been used/compromised on a scam website.

Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the community. Your post in the community will be found by others through an internet search and hopefully prevent them being scammed.


This topic already number four on the Google search.

Thanks for the extra info. It’s a great service you guys provide! And I’m replacing credit card as of yesterday :unamused:


Yes first thing I did was actually look at the Ts & Cs. First thing I noticed was that it was not written by a native English speaker. Then as you point out the references to VAT (not GST) and also references to Dutch language and Dutch law were dead give aways. Then there is delivery 8-14 business days but a cancellation option ceases after 14 days meaning you wouldn’t get a refund! Too many red flags for me. But then I am a bit of a nerd who always at least scans Ts&Cs and also checks to see where the vendor is or at least from where the product is being shipped. I couldn’t see where there was mention of the currency is mentioned but then I just scanned them not read all the detail. Sorry this has happened to Chrisbelinda but a lesson for all.