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More Coles Acts Of Deceit

Some more acts of deceit by Coles to earn thm another nomination for a Spot-A-Shonky Award.

After seeing the shelf price sticker for the pork bellies highlighted in yellow, I looked around for some more “specials” in the meat department.

There were several shelf labels highlighted for chicken products and the packs all had “Special” stickers attached despite none of them being listed as on special on the Coles website.

All of them were also labelled “Best Before 05.06.19”.

I ended up buying 2 packs of chicken tenderloins at $2.40 kg for our puppy.

Move along folks. Nothing shonky to see around here.

Since the content is virtually identical to the thread you started earlier this afternoon was it necessary to start a new one with a slightly different title? It doesn’t make it easier to read or to see trends if you sprinkle the same material all over the place.


I think you may have put this post in the wrong category, as it must be a bargain of the week/month/year.

Getting tenderloins for $2.40/kg is a real bargain as this is possibly the price they were in the 1980s. I wouldn’t be complaining as I would have bought out what was left on the shelves if I saw them at this price…and told no one else hoping that the same price returned in the future.


It must be getting close to Xmas as our local Coles have revived one of their Shonkys.

Whilst at our local Coles this afternoon, I saw a beef roast that was marked down by 50% and expected that it was one of their Family Roasts, but on closer inspection, I saw it was a boneless rib-eye roast which I had not seen at Coles before.

It was labelled Best Before 09.12.2019 and I then noticed that there was a shelf sign stating the product was “On Special” for $15/kg, save $15/kg.

I then checked all the remaining packs, none of which had been marked down, and all of them were labelled Best Before 10.09.2019.

Presumably they will be marked down by 50% tomorrow unless Coles wants to throw them out, or use them for the staff Xmas party, so if anyone else fancies premium rib fillet for around $7.50/kg, then check out your local Coles.

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Apparently this shonky varies from store to store.

Whilst at Coles Earlville this afternoon, I saw this Best Before 12.12.2019 Coles boneless rib eye roast marked down by a “generous” 19 % from the shelf price of $30/kg.

Meanwhile, Coles at Mt Sheridan had the last remaining rib eye roast marked down by a further 20% off the special shelf price of $15/kg.

Anyone still think that Coles do not deserve a Shonky?

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My wife are eating the last of this paryicular roast for dinner tonight after having it for the past 2 nights.

3 delicious meals for 2 people for $8.76.


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So… not a shonky then.