Mobile phone service providers

Aldi Mobile has been judged as one of the best providers. My recent (ongoing) experience with them is not positive at all. I have purchased an Aldi mobile plan 5 weeks ago, and they still haven’t been able to fix my voicemail. I keep ringing Aldi support, they promise a response in 2 working days, then nothing happens. I call again, nothing happens. I write an email, they acknowledge it, I ask for a callback, nothing happens. If their customer support is so paltry with a completely basic issue, I wonder how they fare with more complex problems for their client base.

I don’t value this sort of non-existent customer support at all and I am looking into divorcing from Aldi after less than 2 months. But I wonder how they made it to the top of the list of providers with such incredibly poor customer support.

I’ve been with Aldi Mobile for about 3 years. I haven’t ever needed customer support; I guess it must have been stright-forward for me to set up voicemail back then. How annoying for you!

My husband has been with them for 2 years, no problems, either. I guess my issue is not so much the voicemail problem, but the lack of customer support, and their lack of response. A service level agreement of 2 business days, and now we are onto the third week, no communication. Maybe i am a one off!

@katalin what list of service providers are you referring to where Aldi was rated so highly?

I changed to Aldi Mobile in May. My computer dropped out during the on-line activation and I needed to call support who sorted the problem out straight away. No problems since and much cheaper than my previous Vodafone.

I changed three family mobiles over to Kogan Mobile in April to June and everyone’s happy. I have not used their support line.

Sick of losing credit with Telstra on my prepaid Long life, I switched to Aldi. I had a 6 month old Telstra 4GX Buzz and so expected no issues with switch to Aldi SIM. First mistake was forgot Telstra’s unlocking ripoff $25. So then the Buzz (a ZTE Blade Q Lux phone) seems to work fine. No change of settings like APN etc required. BUT suddenly the battery is rapidly discharging. It manages 12 hours. A new phenomenon. Contact Aldimobile by ticket asking if settings should be changed. I had noticed that the phone was frequently “dropping out” and reestablishing contact even in the same place. Aldi advised although phone working it would be better to switch to Aldi APN and contact manufacturer with battery issue. So I changed the APN but, no change battery running down like a creek. After much research I decided the 4GX system from Telstra may not be compatible with Aldi even though they say 4G so switched phone preferred network type from GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto to GSM/WCDMA auto. This seems to have fixed the rapid battery drain. This takes me back to 3G, but at least phone can last away from 240V.
So Aldimobile service not much help. But to be honest I did not expect it to be much use.

Now I have to swallow my anger!!
Aldi service offered to hold issue open for time it took me to test SIM in different phone as they assured me it would have to happen before they could pass the problem to the provider (Telstra). Tick!
ZTE said Blade should work fine on Aldimobile/Telstra 4G and could offer no reason for battery run down. Suggested I check the APN settings again. So for a third time I checked and oh! to be able to see clearly. I noticed that the setting for APN type were separated by commas, my vision had previously offered these to my aged brain as full stops. So changed to commas, reset to 4G choosing Aldimobile as provider and its all working well. Thanks to ZTE for the help and also to Aldimobile for patience. Everything has been smooth since.

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