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Mobile phone battery quality



Are the batteries of all brand carriers of equal quality? I have learned that 15000 mAh does not last as long as the 3000mAh capacity - informed by the Samsung sales person. Is this correct? Are there better quality/capacity batteries available in Australia?


Hi @wrice, we consider battery life in our mobile phone testing if that helps. Interesting to hear if any of our Community members have any experiences with different batteries too.


Do you mean the number of life cycles of the battery before performance is significantly affected or the actual usuable storage capacity reported on the battery (viz. a quality 3000mAh battery could have a greater storage than a poor quality 15000mAh battery)?


Hi phbriggs2000

He did not elaborate. I’ll check with Samsung.


Samsung has confirmed mAh is the capacity only and confirmed I have a two-year warranty of whole of phone, not the six-month on the battery only that I was told some weeks ago from a staff member. Just shows how the lack of a full training program is prevelant in customer service these days, in all sectors!