Misleading "Easy Returns"

My wife purchased two “Foldable Travel Bags” online from The-foldie.com, but wasn’t satisfied with their size or quality. Their website offered free shipping, 60 day guarantee, and “easy returns” which surprised her when given a return shipping address in the USA.

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This is often the ‘catch’ with shopping online and having a change in mind. With change in mind, the business can condition what needs to be done to allow a refund/exchange to occur. This can include returning the product, to the point of despatch…the USA in your case. If the buyer pays for the return, often return costs exceed the value of the goods, making a change in mind return not financially worth it.

It is important to understand where products are purchased from when shopping online, as well as understanding a businesses change of mind policy should they have one.

While shipping may be free for deliveries, one shouldn’t assume it is free for change of mind returns.

Should the return site be a concern?
They provide a prepaid return label (free - no cost shipping), but do charge a $10 fee for handling and inspection. More than some others provide. Note the exception for exchanges of product offered as a buy one get one sale.

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Their $10 return was never mentioned in email communications.

They also have other specific change in mind conditions:

It is unlikely anyone has opened the packaging, unfolded the contents and looked at the bag will meet this requirement - as the original packaging no longer exists. In such case, refund won’t be given and the bag is shipped back to the purchaser.

It is outlined on their website for returns, which is reasonable.

I was caught out by Hats by the Hundred. Two hats that were meant to be identical to each other and my old had were substantially different in size (to each other) and quality (to my old one). I returned them, but they said they would not accept them because they did not have their original tags, but the hats never came with tags. I persevered but it was hard work. In the end I got some back, but will never shop with them again.


A good news story tho… Berlei have an excellent returns process which is really handy when you try a new bra and it doesn’t fit. Free postage and super easy. Happy to recommend.

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I did trawl their website but wasn’t able to find any of the returns information you mentioned.

The Foldie returns policy was never disclosed during two email communications with them requesting an “easy return” - i.e. their customer service was deliberately unhelpful.

The refund/change of mind policy is part of the agreement to purchase the items. They don’t need to provide/email you a copy as they are presented on the website where items were purchased.

The policy is found on every page of the website (including the page which outlines the ‘easy returns’), down the bottom left buy using the ‘Refund Policy’ link.

Victoria Consumer Affairs website has good information on change in minds: