Millboard Decking

hi -
has anyone used ‘Millboard decking’?

I saw this product at the Sydney Homeshow a few weeks ago - with the usual hype that it is ‘the best, doesn’t need maintenance, 25 yr warranty etc’
. it is made in UK, is fibreglass … and expensive … boards are about $136 each for 3.6m long by 176 wide
feedback from people that have actually used Millboard would be appreciated
. was it easy to lay?
. was it worth the extra money?

IF comparing to Ironbark Hardwood decking - is it better?



Not Millboard - I have used Modwood which is a mixture of recycled plastics and wood, to replace rotting pine decking in Longreach Qld. It is more expensive than pine, but lasts a lot longer, the Longreach Bowls Club have had it for several years and it still looks good, mine is only two years old, the neighbour’s 3 years. Fixing can be by traditional screw / nail or using their clip system - which is much faster. 3 hours and the 14m x 3.5m verandah was installed. Australian product - I am happy with it.


Co-incidence? Today I received reply from Modwood:
we use approx. 35% in terms of board weight of plastic (HDPE) and 55% wood fibre.

I think it is important to check the plastic percentage in all the composite woods. Some feel and look too plastic to my thinking.