Melbourne Airport Parking Overcharging

I paid for 5 days value parking at Melbourne Airport, $12 per day for a visit to Adelaide, on my credit card, when booking the parking place.

I was delayed in returning to Melbourne and tried in advance with a request to pay the additional amount needed but received no response nor information on the website how to proceed. On returning I could find nobody to contact or any information about how to proceed. In the end I exited the parking lot, paid the full amount of $72 for 6 days parking.

Since I had paid twice for the initial 5 days parking, I submitted a request for a refund of that amount. I received a form response to that request on 31/3/2022 but no action.

It seems like the airport is just ignoring any request and waiting for me to give up knowing that I am not going to go into some costly or time-consuming process. I have registered a dispute with my credit card provider.

The amount concerned is not large in my case but presumably others have had a similar experience.


Hello @dscottoz and welcome.

You seem on top of this. You paid by CC so demand a chargeback through your provider for the original or second charge since you have been charged twice for 5 days parking. Can’t see that the parking company would have any defense to contest the chargeback.

Others may have experienced problems with long term airport parking at Melbourne and may like to comment.