Meguiar's Ultimate Wash and Wax Car Wash

Running a couple of Vans and with the weather being the way it has been in Melbourne lately . Rain , sun , rain , wind , arghh .The vans need to be washed quite regularly . Over the years I’ve tried various products with mixed results .A year ago I tried Meguiar’s Ultimate wash and Wax and have stuck with it . Some of my regular customers thought I had actually polished the vans . On my own car I had always used Meguiar’s Soft wash , it has no nasties that damage alloy wheels , but changed over to the Ulimate for it as well . I have very expensive sports alloy wheels on the car and I have no corrosion or pitting problems using the Ultimate wash . The car is 3 1/2 years old now , ungaraged and looks great . I have never polished it . The Ultimate wash and Wax seems to do the trick . Around $26 for 1.4 litres and you use 30ml per wash not bad value either . There are cheaper out there I guess but they don’t give the results


That is a great recommendation - it almost sounds too good.
Choice is currently (I believe) checking the validity that online reviews and endorsements provide. Whilst I appreciate this is probably a genuinely posted by someone who is very happy with the product it seems out of place to me.

@fredstanvic I think you are right about Choice checking some of the review sites out there in cyberland. In regards to my post I wrote it as I saw it . I was using one product for a number of years and changed to another product which gave noticeably better results . I wrote the post about it with some background information included .re price and amount per purchase . I appreciate your candid and honest post . It will help me to be more concise in the future regarding what I write and post . I really appreciate your input . Thank you

I agree, I use it on my MG for about 8 years now…(wow really that long) and my wheels show no sign of pitting. The paint is standing up too. I use it on my other cars too and they all look good. I have to admit to polishing the MG though.

I apologise if I came across a bit strong. I did not realise that you were a regular poster and that changes everything. I have suggested to CHOICE that they include the number of posts next to the username - that would would enable me (and hopefully others) to assess the credibility of the post.

Anyway I’m off the get some Meguiars Wash and Wax, my car needs it pretty desperately :slight_smile:

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@fredstanvic No need for an apology for coming a cross a bit strong my friend . Everything is good

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I agree. I used it on my Fire-engine Red 283, 1972 Chevy Nova Years ago in Chicago. The shine was fantastic. I also a product with great results called "Nu Finish Car Wash " which they sell here in Australia.
It won’t remove wax, spotless, non-streak, enough for 32 car washes and it brings out the color
of faded cars

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I too have had great results using Meguir’s Ultimate Wash and Wax, both my cars come up as if polished after washing. The only negative is on a recent visit to Supercheap Auto I found the price had risen to $34, I didn’t buy for this reason, hopefully find it at a reasonable price elsewhere before my old bottle runs out.

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@danno5954 Hi danno5954 .Go to Repco . It’s $33.00 at Repco at the moment less %20 if you show your RACV or auto club card Clubs from other States if not in Victoria at time of purchase . That is an October special .In November the discount drops to %10 .Hope this helps


I use Maguires Quick Detailer. Clean soft rag and a tiny amount of spray, then rub until it’s shiny and streak free.

It goes through bug guts like drain-o through a duck.

About $20 for a bottle, but it lasts a long time, so it doesn’t hurt too much.

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@newton I’ll keep that in mind . When I come back from surf fishing at night the front of the van is sometimes covered in bugs . Thanks for the product suggestion .

Thanks vac2000 I picked some up on special at supercheap on the weekend for $19.77

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