Measurement marks on products: your chance to speak directly to the decision-maker

Dear CHOICE.Community people,

We believe in having clear information on the front of product labels. If you do too, we need your voice!

We are meeting with the minister who is proposing to deregulate product weight labels in favour of big business. We reckon he needs to hear directly from Australian consumers who know that this is a terrible idea.

Can you record you or your voice and send it to us at ?
We reckon something short and clear will do the trick.

Maybe: “Dear Mr Laundy (Minister responsible), I want clear labeling of the weight of products I buy. The more information I have at my fingertips the better. Keep weights on the front of the pack!”

If you would like to send an email to the same effect, go here:

For more information on this here is the options paper:


I completed another email via your site noted above and altered the text to reflect some of my own concerns:

"Dear Craig Johnson

As an older Australian consumer, clear, consistent and prominent labels on packets matter to me. I fear that if weights on packets are hard to find, moved to obscure locations, in a small print size, are in a colour that is hard to see for people with vision disabilities like myself and my father in law, and have colours which blend in with the background; that the producers will produce packets that are much larger than they need to be to confuse me and many consumers, who will think the packet by it’s size contains more product than it actually does.

Please don’t let the proposed changes to Australia’s National Trade Measurement Regulations go ahead. This proposed change only benefits the producers and only has bad outcomes for us, the consumers.

What I’m asking for is really simple - leave labelling alone. Don’t change the very simple requirement that businesses have to show the weight of a product on the front of a pack in a clear and easily legible type and colour.

Options 2 and 3 in the review paper (to remove clear weight label requirements for cosmetics or for all products) will make it harder for me to find information that I need and use daily.

Kind regards,
Graham xxxxxxx"