Mazda Battery Warranty?

I bought my MAZDA 2 in 2018. In 2021 the battery was changed under warranty. In 2023 the battery was changed again but NOT under warranty and I had to pay. Choice magazine suggested I go to Fair Trading, which I did. While they tried to negotiate with MAZDA at Stanmore, NSW they came back saying that the first warranty in 2018 carried to the second battery and was, therefore, out of warranty (three years). This means they can sell cheap and faulty batteries every two or three years with no warranty or guarantee!!! Peter Mayes. Petersham.

It reads like you have had some pretty ordinary batteries OR there is something amiss with the charging system or possibly the electrics in your car. It could be that the battery failing is a symptom of something else, not the battery being the problem. We have a 2013 Renault Koleos, only driven 5,000 km p.a. and it is only on its second battery (Supercharge brand), replaced in 2018 and still OK at the annual services, eg ~5 years per battery.

As for the OEM warranty, formal manufacturer warranties start on the day of purchase as NSW FT advised you. However 2 to 3 years per battery suggests, barring a problem with the charging system, you might consider they are just low end batteries or may be of unacceptable quality subject to the ACL considering their claimed price points, not just the written warranty. FT will not always give you options to consider whether or not they may be applicable.

As a practcal consideration battery warranties are generally 24 months to 60 months product dependent. The warranty replacement timer does start ticking from the original purchase, not at a warranty replacement. In essence your ‘original’ (ie original and replacement) battery technically lasted 5 years that us a reasonable lifetime - even though you might not agree that is how it should work.

To note new car warranties may list various items as consumable items.
Mazda’s exclusions in the “Manufacturer’s Warranty”

It’s useful to note Mazda came to the party with a new replacement after 3 years. Many well known branded battery warranties have either expired or are pro-rata at that age.

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It is surprising that Mazda did replace the battery under warranty. It could be that the factory installed battery has its own manufacturer warranty which was still current at the time.

Most battery warranties are of limited duration and often conditional. Conditional as poor use or unusual operating conditions can quickly kill a battery. Most batteries installed in cars today have a lifespan of 3-4 years. Some cars are also harder on batteries which can reduce battery life.

Trying to get another new battery replacement is unreasonable based on the age of the car and the current battery.

Also warranties and the Australian Consumer Guarantee start from the date of purchase, not the date a product is first used. With replacements, this is the date the battery/car was originally purchased.

Car was new in 2018 with a five year warranty. Warranty on battery is three years.

Which means the manufacturer’s battery warranty expired in 2021, or about 3 years ago.

This exclusion list is pretty typical of most if not all manufacturers. You’ll see that they are wearable items.

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No quite sure I would consider a car battery to be wearable.

  • we know what you mean - it’s a consumable or replaceable part with a limited useful life less than the vehicle.

Energiser “never say die” for inspiration. :wink: