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Mayonnaise - What brand or type do you buy?



I rarely eat mayonnaise but my husband is a big fan. I buy S & W whole egg mayonnaise. There is a light version also. I must admit my potato salad is very popular and gets a lot of compliments, which I put down to the mayonnaise.


Also available from Woolworths.


The reference to Kewpie has reminded me that I buy their Wasabi Mayo. Yum.


Must try this Kewpie brand . It is getting a few mentions in the posts .


I prefer homemade, so I know what’s in it (recipe below). Otherwise I buy Aldi’s mayo (nice flavour and good price, but like most retail mayonnaise has too much O6 fat), or an avocado oil mayo from iHerb.
AO has a very similar fat profile to EVOO (and macadamia oil), but had the mildest flavour of the three. I also buy this oil from iherb as it’s much cheaper than local suppliers.

Quick and Easy Mayo Recipe
1 egg yolk (you can throw in the white too for volume, but it’s not needed for the process)
1/2 cup avocado oil (I buy from iHerb)
10-20 ml lemon juice

Optional flavourings
pinch mustard powder
1/2 tsp mustard
1 drop rosemary oil
1/2 tsp paprika
pinch salt

Add yolk, juice and oil to a tall, narrow container**
Place stick blender in, all the way to the bottom.
Then turn it on slowly and leave at the bottom until you can see some emulsified mayo starting to appear around the edges of the blender. Gradually move the blender up a bit and continue blending until all of the oil is emulsified. 30-60 seconds total.

Add flavourings to taste.
Keeps about a week due to egg.

** The cup that came with your stick blender will do if it’s a tight fit around the stick: ~10-20mm wider. I use a plastic drink bottle that I cut the top off. Perfect fit.


Have you tried with a fork?

The traditional method is to use a whisk, but even experts sometimes end up with a curdled mix when mixing manually.
And you are supposed to dribble the oil in one drop at a time (to start) slowly increasing to a small stream.
It takes a very long time and the risks are high!

OTOH, the stick blender method is quick, easy, and foolproof.


Great recipe Jen @jen . Thanks for posting the recipe for us . Always good to see something positive added to a topic . Again thanks for the input .


Interesting topic! I am now a convert to Best Foods “REAL” mayonnaise which is not cheap, but worth it as we mostly use it in recipes (like dips, potato salad, and tuna melts). It is also spread on salad sandwiches instead of butter or margarine. We tend not to use dressings on salads unless they are fancy ones with a recipe for the dressing! As for people using Kewpie for regular mayo - we have only used it for California rolls when making sushi - I am amazed, it never occurred to me to use differently.


Must add that Mayo to the list to try . My favourite sandwich filling is Cheese , cucumber and Mayo on white bread . Could nearly start another thread on fillings . Thanks for the input .


I use Praise Traditional as well.Don’t buy it to often but use it on Chicken sandwiches


The 466g jar of Aldi’s Colway Real Mayo costs only $0.58 per 100g. The 300g squeezy pack of Kewpie mayo (bought by my wife not me!) cost a whopping $1.63 per 100g. That’s nearly 3 times the Aldi price! I’ll definitely try adding a bit of mustard to the Aldi mayo.


Really can’t tell the difference between S & W, Helmans and Norganic - they’re all good. I make my own if I need a fair amount, eg for a large potato salad, but for everyday sandwiches I use bought stuff. Haven’t paid full price for some time, as I can usually get large jars for around $2 or less at a discount store nearby -’ Past sell by date’. This stuff has a dated shelf life, but stored in the fridge it will keep forever.


I’m not that keen on mayonnaise. I prefer ranch dressing or balsamic, but keep a Heinz Lite mayo on hand for visitors


I discovered SW Mayonnaise either in Woolworths or Coles for $4.50. A canadian brand, states it is Vegan. I just emailed the company to ask for the list of all the ingredients. Will let you all know.


For anyone looking for Kewpie at Coles. It is in the Asian foods section, not the sauce section.

image image image image

There is now also a Wasabi version as well as Kewpie Sesame Soy Sauce Japanese Dressing and Kewpie Japanese Roasted Sesame Dressing.


Good move on the email @wrice . Will look forward to you letting us know the results of your email.


Thanks mate for adding to the post . Good work .


S&W Mayonnaise stated (without %):
Canola oil, water, chickpeas, fructose, vinegar, salt, mustard flour, aquafaba, lemon juice concentrate, modified starch (1450), natural flavour, yeast extract, rosemary extract, natural colour (100).
I have asked them to clarify "natural flavour and aquafaba.
I thought all foods were required to have their MDS (manufacturers data sheet) published on-line. Perhaps only chemical companies need to?


When I see the word “extract” I generally start to worry . Thanks for informing us .


Am I missing something? We are talking about S&W whole egg mayonnaise aren’t we? So where is the whole egg?