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Mayonnaise - What brand or type do you buy?



With salad weather just around the corner I thought I would start a thread on which Mayonnaise finds its way into your shopping basket .

I usually purchase Kraft Classic mayo or Praise Traditional . If you make your own please feel free to share your recipes .


We are on a tight budget - so any Brand on sale cheaper than anything else, otherwise it is Black & Gold Mayonnaise. It is a luxury we rarely use, except in home made potato salad. B&G says “consume within 30 days” but we’ve gone over that and only used a quarter.
I used to make it with oil, egg yolk, vinegar, mustard & lemon juice - but the cup full of oil (about 3/4th of it) put me off it and the masses of hand beating too. B&G is 21% sugar - the oil (6%) is mostly replaced by Thickeners.


@zackarii Thanks for the input . Often by shopping to a budget we gain a greater product knowledge .


Mayo never finds its way into my basket - much prefer a home made dressing that usually consists of a semi-random combination of red wine or balsamic vinegar with a modicum of ev olive oil, cracked pepper, mustard, parmesan, lemon juice and whatever herbs are about …


@draughtrider Sounds good . Might get into the home made salad dressings myself :grinning:


I am with you about 80% of the time for salad dressing. When I want a real mayonnaise I make my own (EVOO and lemon juice emulsified with egg yolk). If in a hurry it’s Norganic soy mayo. Not because it is organic or soy but because I like the flavour and it is a stable emulsion that will take the addition of additives and not split.


@syncretic Thanks for the input .


The wife woman likes the real mayo which she magics up. :yum:

I don’t eat much of it, and am a heathen when it comes to mayo, and cheap and cheerful from the shop will do me.


@meltam Eh thanks for the eh input Tamas . I reckon the missus" mayo would be top notch eh .


Kewpie (also a brand) usually from the Asian grocery when we pass by, but sometimes Woolies also has it.


We have been using Birch & Waite’s Lime & Chili Mayonnaise and their whole egg mayonnaise for many years.

We use the lime & chili for things such as chicken and spinach wraps and the whole egg for potato salads.

I am having a problem in getting the lime & chili at the moment but Birch & Waite provided me with a solution.


Coles have been stocking Kewpie for years.

On several occasions, I and heard customers who are picking it up off the shelf rave about it.


Kewpie is one of those Asian foods that has it’s own character, lighter and more savory than traditional mayo.
We use it as an alternative to regular mayo on most things, as well as on okonomiyaki.


Thanks @Fred123 and @mark_m for the input and the info .


You can always add sugar, or honey :slight_smile: I personally can’t stand sweetness like that - I like the taste-bud assaulting-ness of the vinegar, coupled with cracked pepper and/or hot english mustard. I wonder how blended anchovies would go?


For regular use, we usually buy Aldi’s Colway brand Real (preferred) or Lite Mayo. Because after a few uses the squeezable pack is difficult to use I now tend to buy the 480g glass jar, which is also slightly better value unit price wise.

For Japanese meals we have started to use Kewpie (Japanese brand made in Thailand) which comes in a very flexible squeezable pack. However, it’s very expensive compared with Aldi’s Colway brand. It contains some mustard, so adding a bit of mustard to the Colway brand might produce a cheaper and acceptable substitute. Have not tried that yet.


Thanks for the input @ijarratt . The reference to unit price is important too .


Kewpie. We don’t use a lot of mayo. For me, an occasional treat is a hard-boiled egg with Kewpie and smoked paprika. Kewpie is also a great addition to steamed broccoli.


Value for money Aldis Colway Real Mayo is excellent. Far nicer than those available in other supermarkets. I fyou mix it with pesto it makes a fabulous pasta salad dressing.


Must give it a try @robynne.burchell