Mattress Bases

The March issue of Choice was very timely as we need to replace out innerspring mattress. One issue that has come up is the base on which the mattress sits. The old one is in very good condition, it is still firm and has no valleys or dips. Retailers say they will not provide a guarantee for their new mattress unless a base is purchased as well. I would appreciate some guidance on this please.
John Blakey
Perth WA

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Hi John

I would suggest that you are encountering pressure tactics from the sales people who don’t understand the Aust. Consumer Law (ACL). I would suggest that under the ACL you have a statutory right they cannot void. BUT, if you use a base which causes damage to the mattress, then that would not be covered by the warranty.

I just did a quick search for ‘mattress warranty’, and got the following variety of results:

5th dot point:
• The use of a soft, sagging or non-supportive base or foundation with excessive gaps between slats or narrow tubing, which in our opinion is not supportive, will not constitute a manufacturing fault.
• no mention of anything to do with a base.
• Mattress damage due to an inappropriate foundation. A Sealy mattress is designed for full performance when used in conjunction with a matching Sealy foundation. If the mattress is damaged through its use in conjunction with a non-Sealy foundation, the warranty may be void.

So if these three are representative, there is no reason you can not use [quote=“john.blakey, post:1, topic:13492”]
the base on which the mattress sits. The old one is in very good condition

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Thanks for the report @john.blakey, I’ll pass it on to my colleagues working on mattresses.