Matchy matchy front loader washing machine and heat pump dryer recommendations pls

I’m about to reno a laundry and looking at moving from always having and loving a top loader washing machine to front loader as I’m looking at space saving. I’m liking the matching appliances like the Electrolux 10kg Front Load Washing Machine with 8kg Heat Pump Dryer. Does anyone have any feedback on either of these appliances pls.

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That implies you want to stack them. You will need to check the specifications because not all products can be stacked. Some newer dryers are too heavy to go on top, and some washers not robust to hold a dryer on top. While there are generic stacking kits some manufacturers have special stackers, some with pullout racks or drawers, so if you do intend to buy stackable units, these are things to look for.


no actually I’m looking at side by side under a benchtop. Utilising space over the machines with the benchtop, overhead cupboards and hanging rail.
something like this.


A few things that rarely get featured in the designer phase. The appliances will get lint, dirt, and scum behind them, so being able to pull them out to clean every so often is necessary. Also check the hoses, especially on the ‘farther away’ appliance, to make sure each will easily reach the drain when the appliance is pulled out, not just in position, or pulling one or the other out could be challenging. Sometimes abutting the pair against each other causes knocks depending on how they handle out-of-balance. Many specify a minimum distance to the next object, as well as ventilation space to the rear, and sometimes top.

My last comment is that even the best appliances will eventually need replacing, so plan for the maximum physical size you might ever need by providing a generous area, not a purpose measured area.


some great advice there. Thank you PhilT.

still looking for any feedback on either of those specific appliances pls anyone.


If you know the model numbers, then check them out on Product Review and/or just search for “make model number reviews”.

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yes I have thanks Fred123. Just seeking anyone here with real life experiences with them.


We have gone from always using top loaders to a large front loader.

I have had to put it onto a pedestal because the door was way too close to the ground to be comfortable when unloading the machine.

The pedestal brings the bottom of the door to the top of the washing basket in the the trolley. That way when I am unloading, stuff accidentally pulled out with what I am removing falls into the basket, and not onto the laundry floor.

I suggest that you go to a whitegoods store and get down on the floor in front of the washer and the dryer to simulate unloading. If that is in the slightest uncomfortable (it will never get any easier), change your priorities from the aesthetic to the practical and mount both up higher.


Just some thoughts

Is 10kg needed? Larger family perhaps?

If not really about doing large loads daily or several times a week then selecting a smaller unit can have water savings plus the reduced cost of purchase. Something about the 8kg to 8.5kg mark may do more than adequately as it does for our 4 Adult family home.

If part of the consideration is that you want to do large blankets and doonas sometimes then a Laundromat for those rare occasions may be far cheaper than the extra you pay to oversize your machine. We do this about twice a year for a cost around $15 each time so a cost of $30 per year. It would take at least 15 years to offset the extra cost of a larger machine at that rate for the choices we made.

Why not consider the stacking. Side by side removes the lower cupboard space. Instead if stacked you would gain one lower cupboard, the upper cupboards could just be smaller above the units or could be where ducting is passed through if needed for the dryer. We have mounted an extractor fan above our stacked units to remove unit heat from the laundry space/room.


I have both of these machines. I have had no issues with the washer other than it doesn’t have as many options as the 15 year old Samsung it replaced. The dryer was replaced after 1 week and 1 use but the replacement has been fine. The manual is hard to follow and calling customer service was no help either. It took the serviceman that came to fix my replacement Electrolux oven to show me the operation of the dryer. I have had them for just on 12 months.


Also I wouldn’t go a smaller size than what you are looking at. I find that to fit my towels and bathmats, underlays etc. this is a good size and we are a family of 3. You can also dial it down to suit a smaller wash. The length of time for a cotton wash is about 2.5 hours but a “mixed load” of 4kg is 1.25 hours. The dryer will also take about 2.55 to dry a load of cottons (so towels etc) to the driest setting.


Thank you meltam. I went into the elec shop today and did just that with simulating removing wet washing. I did find it not much of an issue as I’m short and its at the same height as my tumble dryer I dont find that an issue. I do appreciate your advice.


Grahroll. thank you for the great tips.


No problem, hopefully they do help.

A page from Appliances Online that lists a variety of ways to stack your dryer on your washing machine…never stack the washer on the dryer.

We use a rubber mat (not the Appliances Online one) between the two units, it suits our needs but your’s may be different.


We have the Bosch WTZ1400 stacking kit.

Great. Unload the washer into the clothes basket. Pull out the shelf and place basket on it. Unload basket into dryer as applicable. Empty dryer into clothes basket.

Too easy.