Marketing hype re using a fan for cooling a room prior to your arrival

Issue: Marketing hype re using a fan for cooling a room prior to your arrival.

Electric fans which have an automatic timer can be set to turn ON or OFF automatically at any set time. Models which have WiFi connection can be turned ON or OFF remotely (eg: from your workplace via a control app).

The Marketing Hype:
The suggestion that the fan can be turned ON remotely via WiFi app or timer, so that it cools the room down before you get home.

This marketing claim appears on some online shopping websites, including Kogan, and the Aldi Special Buys catalogue dated Saturday 4th December 2021 also sports this claim on page 16 (see photo attached).

This is marketing BS gone ballistic!!

The Problem:
Electric fans CANNOT COOL a ROOM.
A fan can only cool a body that sweats – for example a *human body.
A fan blowing on us will cause that sweat to evaporate quickly, and this has a cooling effect.
*It’s worth mentioning that dogs and cats do not sweat. They pant to cool themselves down, and thus a fan is of little use to cool down a hot dog or household pet.

If you’ve been led to believe that turning your fan ON an hour before you get home will somehow cool the room down in time for your arrival, you have been misled. The fan will have only wasted your electricity.
-----1st December 2021-----


Indeed it can’t cool, unless it is evaporating water, either on your skin or elsewhere. A fan just running will actually heat the room due to heat from the inefficiency of the motor, albeit only very slightly.