Mango Skin Pollution Treatment Research

A very interesting item regarding research on using mango skins to treat pollution.


Another reason to love mangos :grinning:


Not forgetting the main reason to like mangos - eating them!

Grow more I say - to me it’s the bacon of the fruit world …

Now seriously, to the article:

University of South Australia researcher Biruck Desalegn Yirsaw has proven an extract of the fruit’s peel can be used to “synthesise” the material that can break down contaminated soil.

Now seriously - there has to be a back-story here. I’ve peeled so many a mango, and yet using the peel for anything but mulch has never occurred to me. How do people come up with this? I’d suggest a very intelligent person and out of the box thinker, but it is so interesting … were they peeling a mango and pondering the problem of contaminated soil? is there foundation research these kinds of discover builds on or educated guesses ? very educated guesses?

However, Australian Mango Industry Association chief executive Robert Gray said 95 per cent of Australian mangoes were sold as whole fruit rather than in products such as yoghurt or drinks where the peel was removed.

Damn. There’s always a killjoy :slight_smile:

The mango season has just started, with the first of the fruit arriving on shelves from the Northern Territory.

I buy mine from the guy in the truck just past the gap - I’ll do my bit - where do I send the peel?

But seriously - this kind of thinking and innovation I always find interesting. Who is to say where it leads, maybe mango is the key to understanding something but the eventual solution to the problem can be synthesised without risking live mango’s that we so desperately need …