Malware Warning - Auspost Parcel Delivery Notification

Hello Everyone,

My wife received an email yesterday in the early morning about a parcel that Auspost could not deliver. Luckily she realised that this could be an attempt to send Malware.

You can see the message here:

The actual link points to a zip file www. luckyyoufoundme / wp-content/AusPost ( I just removed the link to stop anyone clicking and downloading it).

Although I have not verified that this is Malware exactly, it cannot be good.

So if you see get an email like this do not click on the link. Always use common sense.

Here are some warning signs we identified quickly with this email.

  1. The from name was “<>” - Auspost would use a proper name
  2. It says, Auspost attempted to deliver it on 9th of April - Auspost does not deliver on Sundays (as we know)
  3. We had not ordered anything, so we were not expecting anything in the post
  4. Auspost wont send parcels back to the sender in 24 hours

Thanks for the warning @dds, and for the tips :+1:


I have had a similar email but deleted it immediately as I was not expecting a parcel and it didn’t sound right!


I regularly use Australia Post for incoming parcel deliveries so this warning is timely and helpful. Thanks dds.