Make the Log in to this Choice Community website easier

Is it possible for you to offer a “choice” to sign in with a facebook account?
Many websites are now offering this option.

Probably, yes. We’ll look into it and keep you posted.

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Hi @leesfamily01.
Logging in with your FB account may be an easy option, but beware.

If ever your FB account is hacked and taken over, you will not be able to log in to sites where you used this as proof of identity.

Of course every site you log into with your FB account increases the risk because any one of these sites might get hacked and there goes your FB account.

One hack can ruin your life because you are locked out of everything!

My suggestion is; don’t use your FB account to sign in anywhere except FB.

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A good reminder @meltam. I would expect to always join any website with a username and password as added security. A facebook sign is just an extra convenient choice. Never rely on Facebook alone. It would be a disaster waiting to happen. I use many sites that always require a username and password etc and Facebook is only an extra option and not compulsory.

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@meltam I agree . I would never log into anything that had FB as the only option . I prefer to use a log in name and password . I have known a number of people who have had their FB accounts hacked . I would not recommend using FB log in except for FB

I have to keep getting new passwords for on here. thats why I dont respond much

There’s anyways an option to turn on two factor authentication for Facebook. This adds an extra layer of security.

My personal preference is a separate login also but for a different reason. I like Facebook not to know what else I log into. The less Facebook know about me, the better.

Generally, security and convenience are mutually exclusive.

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