Make sure the sound is turned up - Internet advertising

I’m wondering how other Internet users like/dislike the current trend of providing a ‘presentation’ when you click for information. These usually start off looking like a promising place to get information but quickly you find you get a message, “Make sure the sound is turned up” and then you get, “Hi, my name is Fred Bloggs and I am a wonderful medical specialist … blah, blah, blah.”
The message is repetitive and takes ages to get to the point which usually always ends up trying to sell you something. I got to the stage where I would use a video screen capture program and capture the video while I made a cup of coffee or did something else. This allowed me to watch the presentation later but skip through it. Many of these presentations (which are actually just advertisements) can last up to 40 minutes.

I find this practice extremely time wasting and annoying. The information provided could be delivered in 2 to 3 minutes - not ten times that. Using my technique I usually skip to the end and discover what they are selling and then delete the video recording. I find it very frustrating to see something that does look interesting, I start watching and then realise it is going to be a long-winded ad. How do other Internet users find this sort of advertising? (Just as an aside, I have found instructional videos on YouTube that impart 10 times the information of these ads in a quarter of the time.)

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You watch ads? I use an adblocker and avoid them completely. Hate the things.

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Yes I have an ad blocker too which blocks the obvious ads. The ones I am referring to don’t appear initially to be ads, they appear to be an article about something but after a minute or so the “short presentation” appears which turns out to be a very long winded ad. I was after an opinion from others about this long winded type of advertising to see if we can discourage its use.

Ah, I see. Which websites are you getting your info from? Some are dodgier than others and go out of their way into trying to trick people into viewing their ads.

Hi @johnkerr, sounds like Youtube’s answer to telemarketing to me! If you have any links you’d be willing to share, feel free to post them here for further discussion.