Machinery Sales Scammers - beware!

What accompanies any web page served up by Google and others is up to each service provider. They can add zero content, or bucket loads of adverts, related content, links etc.

In respect of businesses selling products and services. All it requires is a little commitment. Those businesses who are legitimate and want to gain the credit for being legit have the opportunity to partner directly with which ever platforms they choose to use. The platform can go the extra distance to verify the details of the web services, domains and associated business. If both are happy, put a verified tick and Google or other providers verification statement as a header. There is an opportunity for governments to opt in or out as part of the verification process.

Not every business may choose to participate, and the likes of Google and Facebook may need persuading. For consumers it represents a choice. Alternately our own Government could offer a service independently that sits outside all social media. Neither is a perfect solution, but for now no one else is offering up a solution. Although one has a choice to never shop on line and never use Google or Facebook etc, Government Covid safe practices excepted?

For a broader look at the other issues with Google and social media and subject of a seperate community topic.