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Machinery Sales Scammers - beware!

We’ve been looking around for a small 2nd hand backhoe/4in1 bucket excavator/tractor recently, as the driveway is getting pretty washed out by recent heavy storms and only a couple more torrential downpours away from being impassable in places for 2WD vehicles. There are a number of other jobs we could use one for as well, so I’ve been searching online to check out the range of mostly well beyond our budget offerings.

One website that came up in my searching was this:
The $14K JCB looked interesting, but seemed very inexpensive in comparison with similar machines elsewhere.
I sent a message via their web form enquiring about freight cost and times before xmas, but had no reply for a week, so after discovering their phone number didn’t work, I emailed on the 28th informing them the phone was not connected, asking if they were still in business, According to Telstra “The mobile number you have called is no longer connected”. Odd message, as it was land line 08 number.

Searching online reviews of the company turned up zero results, a bit odd for a company trading since 2018. I checked with asic, the company was registered in 2018, but you have to pay to find out more info. Checking their own list of testimonials revealed amateur review writers at work, with most glowing reviews (if they could really be called that!) full of XXXXXXs in places you would expect names and locations.
hmmmmmm, dodgy!
Scam detector is almost off the scale at this point.

On 6/1 Amyvale Equipment’s Sales Assistant & Purchase Support person emailed, informing me freight would be $1000, a rather nice round sum.

Email text:

Following your interest for 2003 JCB 3CX , this item is available for BUY IT NOW price of $14,000(incl. GST). Shipping cost to Loomberah, NSW 2340 is $1,000.
We would like to inform you that all our machines come with a discount of 35-50% under the average market price. All machines are free of duties and bares no claims or debt, clear title, good working order, absolutely no damage or hidden problems.

AMYVALE MACHINERY EQUIPMENT - is an ONLINE AUCTION PLATFORM that offers a wide choice of both construction machinery and farm tractors.
WE DO NOT HOLD A STOCK, WE ARE BROKERS. All machines are repossessed by leasing firms and banks on the account of foreclosure, bankruptcy, business terminations or unpaid taxes, unpaid loans and we facilitate the sale, transaction, and shipping of these machines.
We connect institutional sellers with private buyers through our network of auctions and online sales channels. We bring you trusted solutions that are transparent, convenient and fair prices. This means you don’t just pay fair prices, you pay the fairest price. How exactly? Thanks to us, you effectively bypass the greedy middle-men(brick-and-mortar dealerships), maximizing margins on both the seller and the buyer side.

Additionally you benefit from Test, Return And Refund Warranty Guarantee (15 days trial - your money will be refunded 100% should you decide not to keep the item - “No-Questions-Asked”) - This is part of the Buyer Protection Program.

OK, so that is a possible explanation of the low prices listed.

Checking their web page again I discovered all the XXXXXXs had been edited out of the “reviews”, replaced by names and places. Also their phone number had changed.
I tried calling it a few times, but it disconnected after one or 2 rings.

I then emailed again on 7/1

Hello Emmanuella, we are interested in purchasing the 2003 JCB 3X if it is indeed in “perfect condition” as described on your web page, and is truly available.

I’m bit concerned that the phone number displayed on your web page up until yesterday had been disconnected, according to the Telstra message, and the one that has just been edited in disconnects after a couple of seconds.
Also most of the testimonials on your page appeared to be fake until yesterday, many containing lots of XXXXs in place of names. I see they have all been edited now, to include names and places.

I’m afraid the above does not inspire confidence that you are a genuine business.

I believe I asked how long delivery would take, are you able to give me a time frame? Can you advise which trucking company you use, so that I can make final delivery arrangements to the property with them before it arrives?

What methods of payment do you accept, and what guarantees do I have that you will honour the delivery?

With our names and phone numbers.

I thought that if they told me their freighters name, I could phone them to see what they had to say about Amyvale.

No response so far! If they are genuine, I would have expected a response to my email. They don’t seem to be in a hurry to respond. Meanwhile we are looking elsewhere.


Likely a good idea.

As you have probably found there are several web based businesses listing second hand machinery. Of the larger ones, there are none I could recommend over the other. There are sufficient listings to provide some guidance on price ranges vs condition. I try to buy local or within a convenient driving distance, which has allowed me to see first hand the goods or products.

Unfortunately guarantee of title is not as simple as a REVS register. Sometimes equipment that looks too good to be true is still subject to a mortgage, and is unable to be legally sold. It is worth checking as much history as possible. More a risk with newer plant, but …

Expect nearly everything old and cheap will have issues. Most things are repairable, but at a cost. Especially if you are somewhere not so flat the steer/park brakes need to be serviceable. If not already on your thoughts, a working demo and first hand inspection with someone knowledgeable on such things to have a closer look is wise.

I spent ages looking for a loader slasher second hand, refurbished combos, and new. Even with some inside knowledge through previous family involvement in earth moving, it’s not easy.

I have a tractor loader slasher etc. I find it more convenient and effective to pay for an excavator and operator for any heavier earth works.


The domain name registration is only 2 months old and through a bureau who also does hosting, supply of web pages etc.

Image and name searches for senior staff suggest either they don’t exist or are very shy and have no media presence, membership of business networking groups etc. The company has no facebook page or any other presence.

The address given 14 Waymouth St, Adelaide is in the Adelaide CBD in amongst the highrise near the town hall. That address is a two story building, on the ground floor it is a coffee shop/cafe called Soonta, the first floor is office space. Even if they are just an agency and hold no stock why on earth would they be there? Office space for a dozen people would be much cheaper in the suburbs. The ABN is registered in WA.

I would not go near them.


The contact page for AMYVALE MACHINERY CO. PTY LTD.

The Google map for their given address at 14 Waymouth St, Adelaide SA 5000.

Google cannot find an “Amyvale” of any description anywhere in the world.

And some timely advice regarding farm machinery scams.


Yes, I had look on street view the other day, and thought it seemed very unlikely they would be there!

searches for senior staff

Yep, I had no luck tracing them either.


I did the same and came up blank which is very unusual. One would expect at least one of them to have some sort of online presence.


Time to remove ‘Possible’ from the topic title? :wink:


My son is a salesman for a a large, long-established, bricks-and-mortar machinery dealer, and he regularly sees people who have been caught up with dodgy on-line offers. As so many respondents are saying, if it looks too good to be true…