Lunatic landlord, does he contravene the ACL?

Yes, I could launch a proceeding applying for an injunction to stop their conduct. But no way am I going to do that.

I didn’t complain to the REIA, because that would be a waste of time.

I think as far as ACL goes, persons are meant to be “ordinary” or “reasonable”.

The High Court enlarged on this by stating ‘ordinary’ person is not necessarily particularly intelligent, well- informed or educated, but is not ‘extraordinarily stupid’.

While I don’t disagree with you regarding puffery, I think it may open up a whole new world of litigation on an already overly taxed legal system.

Regarding complaining to the ACCC (I did a post some time ago here: The accc has failed for 8 years), I am not going to waste my time again just to get the brush off. The investigation I believe Choice is making into the rental situation will have far more weight, and I hope they are taking notice of the matters raised on the postings on this page.
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