Low Emmisitivity Window Films - Any Good?

Hi, has anyone had low emmisivity window films fitted, such as 3M Prestige 70 or Enerlogic 70? The claims made are quite impressive so I’d like to know if they met expectations in real life. I’m thinking of getting a quote for Enerlogic to retrofit my upstairs living room windows. I’ll post the cost when received for info Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Albie,

You may have already seen this, but I thought this link to the Window Energy Rating Scheme might be useful. It looks like MEP-001-24 is the corresponding code for the Enerlogic brand window film. I’m not familiar with the organisation or the testing methods so perhaps this is something CHOICE can investigate, but on face value this should prove to be a good reference point. I couldn’t find any similar test for the 3M Prestige brand, so perhaps it’s worth following this up with WERS. I note that the manufacturers offer a warranty as well, so that could be useful in the event of a failure.

Let us know how you go with the project.

Hi @BrendanMays Thanks for the link. MEPS appears to be a distributor and interestingly have the same corporate address as Enerlogic. Anyway I have decided not to pursue the project. The room we were considering the film for is built into the roof space. The heat loss / gain though the ceiling is significant and I decided that spending the money on the film was a bit of a risk. That’s not to say it won’t do as claimed, simply that the lack of roof insulation will possibly mean the room will remain hotter than I would like even with the film applied.

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I’d be most interested in a follow-up from Choice.

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