L'or Coffee Capsules

I was impressed by the L’or Coffee Capsules advertised on TV because they are recyclable aluminium. So I visited Coles and bought a box to try. It states on the box that they are “Compatible with Nespresso Coffee Machines”. My Nespresso Prodigio Machine would not perforate them and dropped them in the waste container unused. So I emailed the makers and received this reply.

Our L’OR Capsules are designed to fit most Nespresso®* coffee machines. However, if your Nespresso machine is listed below AND was purchased after 25 July 2016, our capsules are not compatible and we do not recommend using them:

  • U®*
  • Umilk®*
  • Expert®*
  • Expert&Milk®*
  • Prodigio®*
  • Prodigio&Milk®*

In my opinion this is very poor and deceptive labelling !


If it wasn’t clear on the label you should bring them back to the store explaining that if a product makes a claim, it needs to be true and can’t be negated by hard to find terms and conditions.


Hi tpeter267. That is exaclty what I did. But now I hope to make others aware of this deceptive labelling issue.


Thanks for the warning. We were looking at a new machine. Most deceptive of the supplier and manufacturer! Woolies customers are in the same situation.

We tried the L’or Capsules in our Delonghi Nespresso Essenza.
We checked the packaging before buying, recollecting there are different types of capsules. No warnings or advice noted!

Per the current pack shot and product description Woolies also offer:

L’or Espresso Ristretto Coffee Capsule Compatible With Nespresso

There is no qualification by Woolies or on the packaging to say they are not fully compatible!

Woolies on line absolve themselves from providing reliable product information. An interesting twist on consumer law?

Woolworths cannot always ensure the accuracy of product information. For products of a therapeutic/medicinal nature: always read the label and follow the directions for use on pack. If you require specific information to assist in your purchasing decision it is recommended you make further enquiries of the manufacturer (see contact details on the packaging) or contact us on 1300 767 969.

At $6.00 for a ten pack we purchased the capsules when they were on special. They do work in our machine. Personal opinion is the coffee is not as distinctly flavoured as the original. It is convenient, but still expensive to buy them at Woolies.


We die hards just use (drum roll) ‘real espresso machines’ and we grind beans, fill the portafilter, and tamp the coffee. As long as you do not buy pre-ground or low quality coffee you never have a compatibility problem.


How long before coffee machines detect when you’re not using the same brand in beans and refuse to run?


chipped pods? You should get it patented before they do… ooops, probably too late! The printer companies probably have it already.


Hi TheBBG.
Met a friend of mine couple of weeks ago who was given a “real espresso machine” for Christmas.
He is already fed up with the time and mess involved to make a coffee.
So is planning to get a capsule machine.

After I got a lesson at the Nespresso shop my coffees are now superb.
But I guess if you enjoy going to the trouble that’s fine.


I never did get the technique for making great espresso… and then I realised that its not the coffee, its the milk… I can taste the sugars in it and I just dont like it. So I went further… eschewing the capsule industry which adds way too much to landfill and which costs way more than almost any other method of coffee making… I’ve gone for the drip filter method. Plus cream.


Hi SueW. We take all our used Nespresso capsules to one of Nespresso’s local recycling centres. This is why the L’or capsules interested me; they are also recyclable. I have never bought the type that go into landfill.


Thanks for the warning @chapey, very tricky of them IMO


Newfangled automation that is close enough to good enough. Bah humbug! :rofl:

I still appreciate fine old world craftsmanship :slight_smile:

I might be picky, but espresso does not have milk in it. Milk is a component of caps, lattes, and flat whites. The beans do make a significant difference for those who partake. It is a bit like a wine, beer or spirits drinker. An aficionado notices many things the casual drinker does not.


OOOOHH!!! Pedantic I think is the word. However, I believe the lattes and caps etc are made on an espresso base :stuck_out_tongue: and I dont like them. Because of the sugars in the milk.