Looking for a house sitter

With everyone having excellent travel tips, I thought this community might also know of any house sitters. I have two dogs and two cats and looking to go away in early-mid December. I’ve exhausted all of my current contacts and hoping that this community might be able to help. Based in upper north shore. Thanks


Try Pawshake: it’s the uber of pet sitting. I’ve used this service a few times with no problems.

HI guys

I have housesat for about 10 years and there are a number of sites to look at:
google -
houseminders international

their is Australian housesitters - or something of that nature?- it’s been about 5 years since I’ve done it and I have forgotten all the names of the organisations!!

Most don’t cost anything for the homeowner to join but do cost for the housesitter.

Give it a whirl - I even saw a mosman housesittters site!!!

We housesat in new York, Washington and Canada - (Falkland). and in the ACT and QLD and NSW. We are now looking at house-swapping (after we finish renovations!)

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BTW - in the USA And Canada housesitters also get paid.

I have used www.aussiehousesitters.com.au several times without any problems, my two cats seemed to enjoy the experience :slight_smile:

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@GeorgePerry. I would think that after people have been on here for a while and others get to know them, you would be able to get one on here. I would like to give it a go. I am a pensioner, (69) and like getting around other than my own area. Love animals. I have two budgies and would be lost without them. :smile:I would love a dog as well but live in a unit. :confused: Oh well. Maybe one day.

Can recommend housesitters.com.au: used this service before and the house sitters are now good friends. You can choose from all those which apply to house sit…

Upper North Shore? Where?

We are doing a major renovation/extension - currently in planning stages with our architect - plans are almost final. Building is planned to start next February and will likely go for 6-8 months. As we will have to move out during construction and have no family living locally we are considering house sitting for the construction period.

We realise we will most likely have to move quite a few times over the period (although it would be great if we happened to get lucky and find someone who was away long term). We are a 30’s something couple (no kids or pets) in Reservoir, Melbourne. We are happy to look after pets.

Has anyone house-sat during construction and if so do you have any tips? We have never house-sat before - will this mean it’s hard to get someone to pick us? How long before should we start to look?


Thanks for everyone’s input - we went with aussiehousesitters.com.au in the end. The feedback was quick and fantastic as was the quality of the house sitters, so it’s all been sorted. One community helping out another!


Hi George,

which state are you in? As I have a house sitter who may be able to housesit for you if you are in SA

Also - just for reference for others. I have just used www.mindahome.com.au and had a wonderful couple stay and look after my home and my two dogs while I was away for a fortnight. I had quite a few responses to my initial inquiries and was very impressed overall with the site

I have used housecarers.com with great success. We have a cat and have had some great people look after our home and pet.

I’ve seen a service advertised called “pet sleepover”. Haven’t used it yet but have kept it in mind, might be worth exploring.

Hi @irakip - NSW based, I’m afraid. But all sorted through aussiehousesitters.com.au

We have used happyhousesitters.com.au 6 times in the past 5 years. They have been fantastic. We always check references and make sure they have a police check. We usually get between 6-12 applications and usually interview at least 3. We have never had a problem and would recommend house sitters for any trip we take from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. We have 2 cats and they hate going to a boarding kennel. The applications are usually from young couples trying to save for a house or retired couples looking for something different to do.

Have done a couple of house sits, enjoyed and met some great people however we tend to travel at short notice( see a trip and go) so don’t like to make forward plans. I also refuse to get a police clearance, they only prove one has never been caught being crooked. My word is my bond and has been while in business for 40+ years. The local volunteer group recently brought in a need for police checks on some positions so they are now down a couple of people. As a long time JP with several community awards over the years I don’t need some cowboy to write on paper that I am an honest and upstanding citizen. Have been cranky for years I am told, now old with it!!! Retired life is good.

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There’s also https://www.aussiehousesitters.com.au/costs-and-statistics

Agreed. My word is my bond. My references prove it. A police clearance is a useless piece of paper that is out of date as soon as it’s issued. As a nurse, public servant and teacher I have been subject to multiple police and security checks throughout my career. I also think homeowners should be prepared to pay house sitters, taking care of their animals and homes can be very time consuming. Some sites say this service is free which is a misnomer. House sitters save you a great deal of money. I house sit because I love to take care of animals and can’t in my own home.

They also get paid in Australia, although some house sitting sites would have you believe otherwise. I think it is fair to pay house sitters as they are saving you a great deal of money and inconvenience for kennel care/dog walking/cleaning/grooming etc. I charge a small daily fee to cover my costs and so that I am not out of pocket at the end of the sit. It’s amazing how quickly petrol, phone, and emergency funds can add up.