Logicol margarine

Hi can anyone tell me why logicol margarine was discontinued.


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I can only find reference to a temporary stock unavailability in the Woolworths online site. Do you have a link to a site that shows that the manufacturer has discontinued it? If it is only the temporary removal due to lack of supply this may be because an ingredient they use in the making of the product is currently hard to obtain noting 30% thereabouts is sourced overseas.

If you really want a similar product in the meantime an alternative that may be a suitable replacement is the Flora Proactiv variety or Tablelands Heart Smart Reduce Cholesterol one and I’m sure there are some others that may be available through other retailers.

Please note these are Woolworths links (was the easiest to find) and not a recommendation to buy but are solely to show alternatives.


There are facebook questions all the way back to 2013…for those not on FB a snip, noting there are 56 comments including a recommendation or two. Woolies media people reponded and indicated they would get an answer and went missing… snip is hotlinked.



A great recommendation. We have been using it for the past decade.

Now Coles have dropped Birdseye products, I went to our local Woolies to get a pack of Birdseye frozen potato chips and a pack of Birdseye Deli Roast Duck Fat Potatoes listed on their website on special for $4.

When I could not locate the duck fat potatoes, I asked an online order picker who also could not find them. She went out the back and returned empty handed. She spent around 15 minutes trying to help me.

I thanked her for her help but as I walked off, she called out that she had just been told that they no longer stocked them.

I just checked the website and it shows that they are unavailable at our nearest 2 Woolies despite being stocked at other Cairns stores.

It appears that one must check their local Woolies store on their website.

I then went to our local Supa IGA who had them in stock as usual.


Logicol was made by Goodman Fielder.

Goodman Fielder was taken over by 2 foreign multinational companies.

A search for Logicol on Goodman’ Fielder’s website.


You just have to love a good old fashioned foreign multinational takeover of Australian businesses.

Meanwhile, back at one of my Aussie heroes who keep buying back the farm.


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