[LIVE Stream] COVID-19 - CHOICE's response

Hi everyone,

We have a small live stream planned for 1PM today featuring @AlanKirkland @mrafferty @MattSteen and @ErinTurner on how CHOICE is responding to COVID-19.

Feel free to leave your questions by following the link to the stream below and we will try our best to respond.

Watch the live stream here.


Quick feedback

Concept: great
Content: excellent
Presenters: knowledgeable, fluent, natural, engaged. For people whose day job is not making videos they did very well. If they are going to do this much perhaps some coaching , such as look at the camera when you are on, not your screen.
Structure: well organised, good length, a bit repetitive. The wonders of the Community were laid on a bit thick a bit too often IMO.
Technical: Needs more work. Sound quality was poor and out of synch. I was left wondering if the presenters really sound like that. Not a fatal problem but a distraction. A minor point, some icons appeared on some parts of the screen but their meaning was either not clear at all or inconsistent. Alan had a little name tag the others didn’t. What does the underlined “C” mean?
Fun observation: you guys like older houses!


Thanks for the feedback @syncretic!

We’re looking to do these more often and these points are really helpful. Unfortunately there’s a few hurdles we knew we would inevitably hit in regards to the technical side as we are working remotely (internet connection and remote production are two big ones). The little underlined “C” is our logo from Youtube which is automatically placed on our video.


It was great to see these four key staff reaffirm Choice can and will be doing more.

A little more polish vs the more human face of the staff? As @syncretic suggests this can be improved to provide even better communication.

If you’d appreciate a rating it was many times clearer and more coherent than that of others more often in the media. The Matthias C square dance and Scotty M line dance are not even in the same ballroom. :wink: