LivCor Cell AED Defibrillator - Scam or not?

I paid a deposit in August last year for three of these units, then received an Invoice to pay the balance in December 2022. I paid this, and every month gety an email saying my units will be “coming soon”. I am getting tired of the promises and delays, does anyone have any further info on this company (LivCor)?

You’re very patient waiting this long.

Have your called LIVCOR on it’s 1300 number to enquire as to why the goods have not been received. Better if you can locate the phone no from a white pages directory to be more certain of the correct business contact.

They have a listed address on their website. 20 Viewtech Place, Rowville. It’s only a small site compared to some of its competitors. The ABN quoted belongs to APL Group PL, which looking to street view appears to be located at the address on the LIVCOR web site. LIVCOR is also listed as a registered trading name.

APL Group Limited do have a number of products that they have sponsored for approval with the TGA.

It’s certainly a concern to take full payment and fail to deliver within a reasonable time, without follow up to the customer.

There are a number instances of scammers impersonating a businesses. If this seems likely it will assist the community to provide advice if you can provide further details of the original contact, web addresses email address etc.

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While this may not be what is happening in your instance, it’s worth a read. The most recent post and some of the prior observations.

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Thank you Mark. I received an email mid January advising that the expected delivery date would be in March. Then I received another email mid February saying I was moving up the queue. I emailed them at the end of April asking when I could expect delivery, and got this reply “Please rest assured your order is on track to be delivered to you in late May/early June.”. They have had my payment (well over a thousand dollars) since December - surely this is an unreasonable time frame?


I agree it is unreasonable.

Under the Australian Consumer Law, you can ask for a refund if you chose to.

If you decide to persist with the purchase, I anticipate that further delays are likely from current experiences and this is something you may need to accept.