LG Microwave Oven – Difficulty in Getting Warranty Settlement

Could someone pl. advise as to what government organisation I should report this to? I live in Victoria

I bought an LG Microwave Oven Model MS2596OB from Good Guys on 03/06/2019.

It has a 2 year warranty by LG. Within this period it started sparking dangerously while heating some food.

So I contacted LG through their email form at their website www.lg.com/au. A person contacted me by phone and it was extremely difficult, bordering on impossible, to converse with the person in English. However with great difficulty, after getting the person to spell words for me (even that was extremely difficult), I managed to get the name of their repair place.

When I took it to the repair place the technician told me that it could not be repaired and that LG will contact me.

LG did contact me but it was difficult to figure out what language the person was talking in putting aside conversing with the person. I told the person that I did not understand a word they said and to get someone who knows English to contact me. I believe at some stage another person did contact me but that person simply could not be understood either. I told them to contact me through email but they did not.

So again I contacted LG through their website email form having to fill out all the details all over again. They replied saying future customer service will be much more helpful and pleasant and offered me store credit to buy something else that I need and asking me to reply by return email which I did.

There was no reply to that and I was compelled to buy another microwave oven since we regularly use it and needed it badly. But somebody unintelligible rang again and I told them to contact me by email with no results. Then I emailed them filling all the details over again in their email form at their website saying that now I need a refund and not store credit.

Now they are telling me to get a refund from the store where I bought it. It is not the responsibility of the store since it is not the store that the warranty is by but by LG.

I believe that LG is taking me round and round in circles hoping that I give up. Could you please resolve this case for me and obtain for me a refund.

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Under the Australian Consumer Law is actually the retailers responsibility, along with LG. The consumer can chose who they wish deal with, but a retailer can’t ‘palm’ you off to the manufacturer saying it isn’t their responsibility.

I would be taking the microwave back to the Good Guys with all the information and summary of phone contacts with LG. The Good Guys are responsible for providing a resolution under the Australian Consumer Law. See…

It is important when dealing with the Good Guys they don’t try to avoid their responsibilities by saying…‘it is now just outside the manufacturers warranty so we can’t help you’ or ‘we can give you store credit’. Print out the above webpage (or have it on your smart phone) and take it with you, and say since it is a major fault, you are entitled to a full refund. Say LG has confirmed this and they recommended you take the microwave back to the store if purchase for a refund. If they question, quote the major fault part of the website that says you can seek a refund.

Make sure you take proof of purchase…receipt, tax invoice, bank statement, online purchase confirmation etc with you when you take it back to the Good Guys.

Let us know how you get on.